Sep 182006
Old Man Tales Maid

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To start off we will look at one of the sickest and most deviant websites on the net. On the MGP here it gets quite a lot of requests. You will see it at the top of the page often since it gets clicked on the most. And this site is Old Man Tales.

Old Man Tales has got to be the strangest website I have ever had the pleasure of writing about. Maybe it is odd to me because I am not over 50 yet. Hell I’m not even over 40, but I know when I get to be that age, this site is going to be in my bag of tricks!

I still look at a barely legal girl or two once in a while so I guess I can’t blaim these older gents for doing so too. Shit, I hope when I am that old I can still get me some pie this young if I want it.

In the gallery from above the old guy finds his maid doing some cleaning in a skimpy uniform with her ass hanging out. He tries to force himself on her but she ain’t going for it. Then she has a change of heart and gives him a chance to prove himself by licking her pussy. Well, what did she expect, the old man has plenty of pussy licking experience and it feels good! Duh! After that, he bangs the fuck out of her.

Old guys get young tale a lot more often than people think. I did a study once while in college and found out that 50% of the girls under 23 had a crush on their professor. There was only one professor under 40 in the study. All of the other professors were over 40 and most were over 50!

I don’t know about you, but those odds look mighty fine. So fine I think I’ll go back and get a PHD in something just so I can bang girls and have some Old Man Tales of my own!

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