Infidelity Isn’t as Bad of a Word as Before

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Mar 152016


As recently as 20 years ago, the word infidelity carried all sorts of negative connotation. Fast forward to today and it really doesn’t have as much of a bite as it did before. What happened? Well, Americans have simply grown up. I’m not saying that that’s a completely positive thing, but it is inescapable. Americans have simply moved on.

The same trends apply in Western Europe. The whole idea of getting married just so you can have kids or getting married just so you can be more socially acceptable is so old-fashioned that it really borders on cheesy and outdated. The truth is more and more people are just shacking up and relationships are really just focused on individual freedom, autonomy and choice. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Again, just like with most things in life it all depends on how you do things and also your motivations. So, from a purely absolutist perspective, infidelity doesn’t really have that much of a sting as it used to have before. Back then, when people charged you with infidelity your reputation is pretty much shot. In today’s world, thanks to people like the Kardashians, being called a cheater actually might even improve your social stock. Seriously. You only need to look at how many celebrities went from D List celebrities to top tier celebrity talent just because a video of them sucking or fucking got leaked on the Net.

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Mar 072016


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