Jan 222012


One thing that has always surprised me about teenage girls is that, for the most part, they aren’t afraid of cum. You would think they would think it is gross with the consistency being so close to a loogie, but they always seem so intrigued by it instead!

The first time I blew my load in front of a girl was back in high school. I fully expected her to be grossed out and run… Instead she asked if I could shoot it on her boobs! As it turns out she was a bit of a nympho and had gotten into her dads stash of porn videos. So she might not have been the average teenager, but it certainly was cool blowing my wad on her firm tits and watching her taste it!

From that day on she let me cum in her mouth when it was my turn to climax. We would fuck without condoms and when I got to the point of no return I’d pull out and she’d let me explode in her throat. What a trooper!

Those days are long gone, but sites like Teenage Decadence do their part to keep the memories fresh in my mind. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without the community there. A bunch of like-minded individuals living vicariously through each others uploaded photos and videos.

Updates come in constantly and the archives are huge. People with start threads there like "Girls Sitting Cross-Legged in Panties Blowing a Bubble" and the next thing you know everybody is lobbing their photos at this thread and it goes for dozens, if not hundreds, of photos!

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