Bangbus – The O.G. of Reality Porn

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Feb 292008


In everything we humans do there is always an original and a shitload of copy cats. With porn it is no different. That sexy Venezuelan girl swallowing a load of jizz is inside the Bangbus. The original stage for reality porn.

It all started back in 2001 when two college roommates decided to take the old, boring, shitty-plot based porn and spice it up. Way up as it would turn out. So far up that it would become the de facto standard for all other porn sites to meet from then on.

The idea was that porn had gotten stale and to spice it up they would do unscripted porn. Movies that features girls they picked up off the street. Non-porn star girls. The girls next door.

Each week the Bangbus has set out on its never ending mission to find some girl lacking in morality. Some girls fuck for the money and others do it just because they haven’t had dick in a while. What ever their individual reasons, they do a great job!

The videos can be downloaded to your computer or streamed to your browser. Each episode is available either as a full length video or broken up into several smaller parts. All episodes also include high resolution pics.

While many have tried to match them, they cannot compare to the original!

Pure 18 – Jaelyn

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Feb 292008


Lets face it. Neil Armstrong didn’t go into outer space to walk on the moon and Sir Edmund Hillary wasn’t the first to  climb Mount Everest because he enjoyed mountain climbing. They did what they did so they could be the first to sink a flag into the surface. captures that zest for adventure each week with a new barely legal video. A video in which a lucky stud gets to poke and prod the insides of an eighteen year old hottie.

At the beginning of each episode there is an age check. You have probably seen these machines before at the front door of clubs. Once the girl is verified to be 18 years old through the states database it is time for the fun to beginning.

Jaelyn’s face above captures that moment when the cock is buried to the hilt perfectly. She knows it feels good all the way inside her warm pussy but, damn it hurts. Not wanting to ruin the mood she bares the pain. After all, without pain there can be no gain, right, Jaelyn? Good girl!

Each week a new Pure 18 episode is added to the site. Videos are broken down in several ways from low to high-def and small clips to entire episodes. Members can download the videos or steam them in their browser. Each update also has pictures of the encounter.

I have seen a lot of "teen sites" and I have to say Pure 18 is one of the few that actually delivers. With the $4.95 trial pass you can also sample their other sites too. Full members get unrestricted access to their entire network of 20+ sites in several different niches.

Canceling is easy and all handled online. Billing is handled by third parties so never actually gets your credit card. Stop looking for free porn and take that trial. You know it is going to save you a ton of time and you won’t have to sleep in so late tomorrow!

Cum Fiesta – Memphis

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Feb 292008


Sure, the site has been around the block a few times. It opened in 2001. That is like grandpa times for the Internet. However, Cum Fiesta is just as relevant of a porn site today as it was when it started. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Speaking of old dogs… just kidding. Memphis isn’t old and she definitely isn’t a dog either. While Cum Fiesta Memphis is standing there how about we get a load of them tits. Fucking fun bags of heavenly flesh! And those hips… Damn!

So anyway… has been around now for seven years. Since then things have only gotten better. The models are hotter. The sites navigation is easier. And now you get access to not just Cum Fiesta but, you also get access to all of the other sites the Reality Kings people run.

As a Cum Fiesta member you get weekly updates coming in on Tuesdays. You also get weekly updates for Street Blowjobs on Sundays. Add that to Pure 18 on Saturdays, Euro Sex Parties on Thursdays and First Time Auditions on Mondays and you still have only hit the tip of the iceberg!

Videos come in many flavors. You can download videos or stream them, watch then in low or high def and choose between full length, three parts of mini-clips so you can skip to the good parts. All videos come with accompanying pics.

There are over 300 full length episodes on Cum Fiesta alone. Add in Street Blowjobs and Cum Girls and you have so many girls to choose from that you couldn’t possibly find all of your favorites in a month or even a year. And remember, you are also getting massive archives of episodes from the other 20+ sites in several niches!

There has never been a better time to take the $4.95 trial then right now!

Euro BrideTryouts

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Feb 222008
Euro Bride Tryouts

If you were one of the many that fell for the " I Love To Suck Your Dick" line and thought "I have to marry this girl" she is a keeper. Only to find out once you were married, she can’t stand the taste of your man juice so she will no longer do that, then I have just the site for you.

It is called and they have girls that are willing to give you what your wife wont. These guys do it the smart way, they find the Hottest European bitches and promise them the big rock and a ticket to the American dream but instead just give them the cock. These guys just pump’em and then dump’em.

These guys have so many girls that want to come State Side that they update ever week with a new European slut. You will not find any of these bitches on any other site because all of their content is 100% exclusive.

So if you want a girl that is going to cater to you and give you everything you need and want then is just for you.

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Asian 1 on 1

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Feb 092008
Lucy Lee

Move over sucker, now there is something meatier, juicier and a whole lot bigger to fill those luscious dick sucking lips. Damn if Lucy Lee isn’t the definition of Asian. Text book. Hot, exotic, athletic and that long hair you can pull and tug on.

Lucy Lee is hot but she isn’t the only Asian at Asian 1 on 1. No, this site is full of Asians from around the Orient. We are talking Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and everything in between! Listening to them talk with their accents is anough to make you want to cum.

With almost three years of weekly updates archived there is plenty of Asian pussy here to shake your stick at. Plus your password works on the entire network of twenty sites they run so even if your interests change, they have you covered!

Take the tour and watch a trailer or two. See the quality for yourself and then check out the join page for a list of their other sites. This is one network pass you won’t want to pass up!

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Asian 1 on 1