May 112012


I think my affinity for women’s feet began when I was quite young. I was in a Jacuzzi with a girl and she wanted to get frisky. I had just hit puberty and started noticing that all of the girls I knew were beginning to grow boobs like their mothers.

So this girl started playing footsie with me and started out pretty tame. Then she started working her foot up my leg as I did my foot up hers. Pretty soon we were both massaging each others genitals with our toes.

It didn’t take long for her to become a master at giving a foot massage as she deftly used her toes to work my fledgling cock!

Since those days I have developed a fascination for footjobs and Barefoot Maniacs is one of my favorite sites. They spend equal amounts of time in every position known to man, with a good long time spent on the girls feet!

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