Stacy Is Turning Japanese

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Dec 242012


In America a Japanese girl is exotic. In Japan, however, a Japanese girl is run of the mill. They are literally a dime a dozen. Girls like Stacy from are what Japanese guys look for in their exotic porn. After spending some time in her gallery I have come to the conclusion the Japanese have hit on something here.


Young Japanese men look for white girls visiting Japan, or that have a father working in Japan, to have sex with. They want a walk on the wild side. Stacy is the daughter of a diplomat. Nothing turns a guy on more then banging a rich white man’s daughter.


Most of the time Japanese porn has one fatal flaw. They don’t show actual penetration. gets ultra porn right. They break all of the rules!


Watch full HD videos as only the Japanese can present them. See hot Caucasian girls getting tossed around and fucked hard in tradition Japanese fashion as only can show you!

Which One Is A Tranny?

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Dec 232012
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Can you tell for sure which one of these girls is a tranny? What if I told you there were two? Then could you tell me which ones are shemales and not females? Are all three of them sporting cocks?

Find out which are chicks with dicks and which ones are hot babes waiting to rock your night on The site started as a joke between college buddies and has grown to have a huge fan base. Take the test and be the first in your group of friends to be certified able to spot the tranny.


Share the link with your friends or show it to them on your smart phone. This is the kind of stuff bachelor party hijinks are made of. Just make sure you have taken the test yourself a few times so you don’t end up being the one everybody is harping on.

Goth Music Ultra Porn Video

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Dec 192012


Goth chicks take the whole ultra porn thing to new heights. These girls helped a friend make a music video that doubles as a porn video. Talk about ultra sexy. These girls went over and above the call of duty!

The chicks in the video are pretty damn hot. I think the Twilight movies desensitized me to Vampires. I used to dislike girls with tope skin and black nails. Now I wouldn’t mind fucking one.

After watching the video take some time to explore the Emo girls porn site. You also might want to bookmark it since they add more Emo porn to it often. If there is one thing I can say in defense of the Emo, Goth, etc girls scene it is that they don’t shoot porn with ugly chicks. They also don’t let fat chicks in their porn.

Oh… And they seem to be a breeding ground for bisexual girls with no qualms about letting the world know they play for both sides.

Mobile Porn On The Rise

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Dec 062012


Mobile porn is becoming big business with revenues expected to reach 1 billion dollars by the year 2015. Why is this important to you? It is important because as the market grows more mobile XXX solutions come on board which drives competition, which drives the prices down!

Getting your favorite MobileXXX porn for dirt cheap has never been any easier than it is now. After verifying your age you can start watching porn on any device you have from your WIFI enabled iPod to your video capable cell phone.

The videos are updated daily with a wide range of genres covered. Many of the videos come in extra long lengths too. Now you can pass the time in the back of the bus in a way your forefathers never could have imagined!