FTV Danielle – Bed Post Masturbation

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Oct 302009


Don’t you even fucking lie to me you mother fucker… Not that there is anything wrong with fucking moms. Here at Ultra Porn we think some of them are actually quite hawt. But I am not talking about MILF fucking right now. To the contrary, I am talking about something you have been thinking about since you were a little tyke.

We all thought of it. At one point or another in our pubescent development we all had this same fucking idea. It started when you saw a girls bed posts. You wondered in that dirty little mind of yours… Wouldn’t it be fucking awesome to see [insert girl from your life here] ride that bed post?!?!

If you have ever dated a girl with bed posts the thought crossed your mind… usually when you are drunk and hopefully she is too. Wouldn’t it be nice to fuck her with the detachable top of her bed post? If she passed out before you did… Fair game. You fucked her with it. From then on you had a dirty little secret. Every time you walked into her room you looked at that corner of the bed you fucked her sleeping pussy with, you smiled. If she ever finds out… You’re a goner!

FTV Danielle is here to make your fantasy come true. Just in time for Halloween she is giving away free videos of her bed post masturbation. Now you can see what girls all over the world are doing behind closed (and often locked) doors. Now you know the real reason you sister asked for a lock on her door!

You can watch FTV Danielle fuck everything from her bed post to her fingers. She even has other girls show up (often) for some girl on girl action.

If there is one thing your Halloween can use more of, it is FTVDanielle.com!

Busty Josie – Lap Dance Video

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Oct 242009

Ever been to a strip club? I know I have and sometimes I want to relive the moment. Unfortunately the only way, up until now, to do that was to go and get yet another lap dance. Unfortunately I am not made of money so I cannot do that every day.

I can afford to login to Busty Josie though. Her site creates some of the best ultra porn on the planet.

Busty Josie is a 36D naturally chesty teen. She masturbates and teases the hell out of you. I have to admit though, even as cute at Busty Josie is, she does get old after a while…

What? Dude, you just said Busty Josie gets old! WTF?!?!

No, seriously… Who wants to look at a naturally chesty 36D-cup chick day in and day out? While I do keep coming back for Busty Josie, I come back even more for the sites you get when you join hers!

Sites like I Love GFs have literally thousands of girls that are sending in their amateur pics and homemade sex tapes. So yeah, I do get tired of Josie, but I will never get tired of being a member because this curvy hottie doesn’t mind sharing!

Now THAT is what Ultra Porn is all about!

Azz And Mo Ass – Fantashia

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Oct 222009


Fantashia has what I like to call Ass And Mo Ass. She has enough booty for two bitches. With all that said her big juicy booty is why she is on AzzAndMoAss.com.

If you are the kind of guy that is not happy until you have had every thick piece of ass that you can handle, then you are the kind of guy that would love Ass & Mo Ass.

They have endless amounts of Horny Ebony Beauties that love to show off their huge round rumps. At Ass&MoAss.com all of their content is 100% exclusive so will never see Fantashia and her sweet ass on any other site. They also update their site every week with a new big booty hoe so you always have some thing to look forward to every week.

Sexy Girl Allie

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Oct 142009


I have been staring at this sexy babe for hours and I can’t for the life of me pin down her nationalit(y)(ies). She looks Asian, but then she also looks Latina. I am guessing she is probably an exotic mix of a couple of things.

Don’t worry, I am not going insane. I didn’t spend every single minute of the past four hours trying to determine the nationality of Sexy Girl Allie. For most of that time I was watching her videos and checking out her pics.

I used to have a girlfriend like Sexy Girl Allie. No, she wasn’t as hot or even exotic, she was Caucasian. She did, however, like to masturbate with the erotic butterfly like Allie is above. We had a remote control model and I used to drive her wild at places like the Dodgers game or movie theaters.

That girlfriend is long gone now. The nice thing is I am saving a lot of money not having a girlfriend. Instead I became a member of Sexy Girl Allie. She costs less than dinner and a movie for an entire month of updates!