Oriental Orgy – Bella Ling

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Sep 212011


Eight ball in the rear pocket, I love playing pool.  You would too if you played pool with Bella Ling from Oriental Orgy and it was your turn to put the ball in the hole.

Oriental Orgy features beautiful woman who mainly appear to be semi-asian or mixed, when I was in the Military the term was Amer-asian.  Amer-asian.  I know, military people are not typical creative.  There are some very Asian looking women like Bella Ling, but the important part is they are all sexy and i want to fuck them all.  

Home Porn Reality – Renata

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Sep 172011


This is a smokin hot chick who made a home porn movie, she set a nice stage with the Tiger Striped bedding and matching hair.  Renatta knew what she was doing when she submitted this to Home Porn Reality.

 Home Porn Reality is a site dedicated to amateur submitted sex scenes, the feature smokin hot babes like Renatta and some others who are not so striking, but may be more to your taste.  In any case all these chicks are a little skanky.

Beauty and the Senior–Marcus and Ally

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Sep 142011


Ok, this is to make everyone feel a little better about themselves and the possibility of banging some young little teen.  Take a look at Marcus, it he doesn’t make you feel better about yourself then you must be an ugly mother fucker.  But really unless you have two heads Beauty and the Senior should at least give you hope, really look at this fuckin guy.  

So is you are one of the 95% of society who looks better than Marcus you should enjoy the boost from Beauty and the Senior.  If you are the other 5% then you have two options, either sheep or realize that no one could be that much worse than Marcus and feel better about your chances.

My Dirty Teen Girlfriend – Michelle

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Sep 132011


Oh no way babe, I won’t show anyone.  This is just for me and us, you know to keep it interesting.  My Dirty Teen Girlfriend let me film us fucking. 

I love it when I can convince My Dirty Teen Girlfriend to let me film her naked and me fucking that sweet pussy.  Little does she know I share it with everyone. 

So if you want to see my video with Michelle and others like it go to My Dirty Teen Girlfriend.

Mother Daughter Fuck

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Sep 062011




Mother’s Day came and went a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean mommy won’t accept a gift of cock! At Mother Daughter Fuck the mommy/daughter pairs share in everything and I do mean everything!

The site totally reminds me of that Heartbreakers movie from 2001 with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver. In the movie the mother/daughter team work scams on unsuspecting guys looking to bang them both!

At Mother Daughter Fuck there is no scam! Just good mother daughter sex and a lot of it. Mommy teaches her daughter everything from masturbation to blowing cock. She even invites over some college friends to show her how to lick pussy!

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