Pure 18 – Vivian

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Apr 302008

Pure 18 went over seas to Europe to find this hot and sexy barely legal teen vixen. Vivian has the most perfect perky titties with big puffy nipples. To see this sexy young doll suck cock you would swear she had decades of experience.

I have never seen a barely 18 years old chick take a cock her ass like Vivian. She takes it in an angle and deeper than no other. Pure 18 can really find the best teen babes. Be sure to click on this movie clip and get a taste of what Vivian and Pure 18 can deliver. And for $24.95 a month you can get your own password an enjoy all the beautiful young girls and their talents.

Couples Seduce Teens

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Apr 272008

What self respecting man wouldn’t want a wife like this? She goes out and brings back a hot teen girl to fuck them both! At Couples Seduce Teens the guys are living the high life! The sexual high life!

Each week a mature couple cons a teen into having sex with them. Did I say mature? I don’t want to give you the idea grandma is here… no, we are talking smoking hot MILF!

For us guys it is babe on babe action peppered with both of them getting tooled. CouplesSeduceTeens.com is the ultimate fantasy for any married man. Hey, it’s not cheating if your wife is participating right?

Beyond just participating, these MILF cougars are part of the hunt for teenage cunt. Half the time it is the wife that brings up banging the girl. Which makes Couples Seduce Teens every bisexual wives’ favorite fantasy site too!

40 Inch Plus

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Apr 232008

What could be better than two hot babes with nice thick butts and one of them having a pierced clit? An entire web site devoted to phat asses, that’s what!

We are talking about 40 Inch Plus. The ultimate hang out for fans of thick booty. The ladies here must measure 40 Inch Plus before they are allowed to get fucked on film.

In this episode Annie brings along her big butt friend Georgia as they show Derrick what 82 inches of ass looks and feels like. He can’t believe his good fortune and a no holds barred free for all ensues.

Big Tits Round Asses

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Apr 102008


Every one is always asking me “Mike, are you an ass man or boob man?” I always answer with “I like my girls to have Big Tits Round Asses.” Is it to much to ask for?

If you are like me and want the best of both worlds, then check out BigTitsRoundAsses.com.

RealGFs – Real Girlfriends

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Apr 052008

In the world of candid sites there are candids.. and then there are true candids. RealGFs.com falls into the realm of the true candid sites. Complete. Uncut. Unadulterated. Uncanny. Candids!

When I look at the photo above I ask myself. Self, why didn’t you hold off a bit longer and knock this bitch up instead? She is fun. My babies momma isn’t fun. She looks good. Better than the blonde above, but she isn’t as fun. Not even  by a long shot.

And once again, enough about me…

I have to admit. From the time I first started dating chicks in high school to the present I have taken close to 1,000 pictures of them in various stages of dress. Like a shit head I threw all of those pictures away. Shit, I even had a video of a chick masturbating to a mind blowing orgasm. All trashed. FUCK! Why didn’t I get with that blonde chick above? FUCK!

Of course back then we didn’t have the Internet. I could have been uploading all of that ex-girlfriend footage to Real GFs and coming back to it when ever my current woman is away. Well, you know what they say, hind sight is twenty-twenty.

So lets talk about the here and now. Right here and right now the Internet does exist. Right here and right now guys do upload pictures of their naked girlfriends. And, right here and right now guys also upload videos of themselves fucking their girlfriends and videos of their girlfriends masturbating!

OK, so I don’t get to look at my actual ex-girlfriends pics or videos. I am not going to get bitter about it because half of the schmucks uploading their own footage have ex-girlfriends that look remarkably similar to my own exes. Sweet!

I guess RealGFs.com is really F’ing popular. It is one of the top 1000 web sites on the Internet. No shit! This guy updates sometimes twice a day, sometimes every other day, but always multiple updates a week. Trust me when I say there is never a dull moment and with so many updates archived you have a ton of exploring to do!

Time for me to go back inside. See you there!