Today Breakfast Is On Brick House Butts

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Jan 172008
BrickHouse Butts

Take a look at the picture of Angie I just found at If you can use your ass as a tray to serve breakfast then you know your ass belongs on Brick House Butts. The only thing missing on her ass is a large glass of milk and she could easily put it between the two chocolate donuts and bring it all to you.

This is not your everyday booty site, if you are looking for some round firm asses you will not find them here. These guys only have asses on the site that can break a scale along with your hard cock. It’s hard to find a site that is honest when they describe the content on the site but the guys at BrickHouse Butts were not lying when they said it’s the home of the biggest, fattest asses on the web.

Brick House Butts gives you access to humongous asses not big asses but giant asses getting slammed by the only thing that can handle something that big and that is a big hard cock. So my recommendation is that if you plan on letting one of these phat booty hoes ride your cock you hold on to something because you are going to get lost in this shit..

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Busty Ines Cudna And Friend

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Jan 162008
Busty Ines Cudna

I guess Score Magazine was right when they called Busty Ines Cudna " Every Mans Fantasy. " But I might have to say that this scene with her making out with that very busty Brunette is my fantasy.

I have seen many Busty Blondes in my short time in the biz and I have to say that none of them compare to Ines Cudna and her all natural 36-EE beauty. I remember the first time I seen a picture of her on an industry forum and it made me searched high and low for any content of Ines. I found a couple here and there but not enough to satisfy my need for Busty Ines Cudna.

Then I found the boobalious Ines has her own site, It was like a dream come true. They have the biggest and best collection of Ines Cudna pictures anywhere, with all-new, totally exclusive set that you will only find on her site.

If pictures are not enough to satisfy your need then they also have videos of Ines doing everything from gardening topless, dressing up after a bubble bath, playing with her sexy body and also filming her while she was on the set for Young and Stacked. I go to Busty Ines Cudna for my fix of all natural huge tits.

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Tinys Black Adventures

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Jan 152008
Tinys Black Adventure

This one goes out to all of you out there that enjoy a mocha hottie. Most of the sites that we review involve a big black cock and some white bitch, so its refreshing to bring you

It’s all about this good looking brotha who goes out looking for some hot freaky, ebony chicks. Take Lacey for example she is one of the hottest chicks I have ever seen she has flawless skin, perfect size tits and a year round tan.

Tinys Black Adventure not only brings you the sexiest black amateurs but they also have some of your favorite sluts that you see in all those Rap videos. Want to see exclusive videos of Ebony Beauties with some big black tits, thick round asses getting fucked like there is no tomorrow, then you need to check out

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Dripping Wet Tits Only At Big Tit Queens

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Jan 142008
Big Tit Queens

This picture does one of two things for you… It makes you want to send wifey to the store for some thing or another so you can spend some quality time with those dripping wet soft tits and some lotion or it makes you thirsty as hell and I am willing to bet the house it’s not the second one.

I don’t know about you but I like my girls to have some cleavage and I don’t mean A’s, B’s or even C’s I want them to have a rack so big that it just wants to pop out of its bra and into my mouth and those are the kind of girls that you find on Big Tit Queens.

They have a massive selection of over 800,000 explicit images of the biggest boobs on the hottest chicks. They also have an amazing hardcore video selection of more than 550,000 XXX videos of ladies getting their gigantic juggs worked. If pics and videos are not enough for you Big Tit Queens also has Live Sex Shows and Live Chat Rooms that are running 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so you can enjoy some big boobs at your convenience.

Whether you call them Huge Hooters, Colossal Juggs , Massive Mammaries or even Grande Tatas it doesn’t matter because the girls at have them all and they are all there for your enjoyment.

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Giants Black Meat White Treat

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Jan 132008
Giants Black Meat White Treat

Nikki’s must be in heaven with that thick chocolate cock in her mouth since her husband is a rich old fart who needs help getting his cock up. Being the young gold digging slut that she is, Nikki needs more then a limp white dick to satisfy her Black Cravings.

That is when comes into play. These guys are pros in spotting girls like Nikki and taking advantage of the fact that they are cock hungry hoes that need to have a big dick as much as they need a new Gucci purse.

It’s not hard for the guys to talk these dumb white sluts into coming back to the studio all they have to do is show them a little attention. Once they get them back to the studio the only thing they have to do is pull out that Giant Black Meat and that silly little slut is awe.

Giants Black Meat attracts so many girls that on their website they actually have a section called Giants Best 40 White Girls Who Attack Black Meat. Its like the weekend top 40 but instead of music you get the top notch sluts of Giants Black Meat White Treat.

If you are a fan of interracial porn or just like watching some poor white pussy being stretched to its limit then check out

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Huge Boobs Galore In The Shower

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Jan 032008
Huge Boobs Galore

Awe there is nothing better then a huge set of wet, soapy tits. I wish that I would wake every morning for work and start my day by seeing Huge Boobs Galore in the shower. I would definitely get up the first time my alarm went off instead of always hitting the snooze button and going back to the dream where I was face deep in a set of huge breast.

Well since that isnt going to happen I might as well tell you where you can find some massive flesh mountains and that is at They have well over 100 full-length huge boob episodes and all of their movies are downloadable so you can save them on your computer and go back and watch them any time you get this uncontrollable appetite for some ripe melons.

Along with all that exclusive content you get photo gallaries that you can look through and you might just find your new screen saver or wallpaper like I did up above. Thats right every morning I wake up and walk up to my computer I get greeted by those big soft wet tits, makes my day a little better.

If you are the type of guy that has to see a new set of tits every week then they got you covered. Huge Boobs Galore updates every week with a new hot bitch with a smoking hot rack so you never get to see the same set of tits twice unless you want to.

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Another Big Ass Adventure

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Jan 022008

Take a look at what I just found on That’s right it’s another great ass from one of the best big ass sites ever created.

I have come to expect nothing but the best from these guys, since the last time I was there I spent so much time on the site I didn’t get another post done for a month. I am a man after all, you give me unlimited access to hot ass chicks with perfect bodies and the biggest, roundest, juiciest asses my eyes have ever seen and I will forget about everything and everyone until my Big Ass Adventure is done.

It’s not like the girls on the site are your typical washed up pornstars, in fact the entire time I was on the site I didn’t see one of those skanks and that is because these guys pride themselves on finding everyday girls that you see at places like your local beaches, malls, bars, movies or even in parks like the pic above. That is what makes it so great you never know who you might see, it could be that girl that works with you that you always had a suspicion about or maybe even your hot neighbor, you just never know.

Don’t take my word for it get your self a 3-day trail membership for just $4.95 and start your own Big Ass Adventure, just make sure you don’t have anything to do for a couple of days because it will take that long just to get through the first couple of girls.

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Huge Tits At ScoreLand

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Jan 012008

Well it looks like Jugg Cash’s Big Boob Pass might have a little competition when it comes to Big Boob content and it is called

These guys are claiming to have the biggest archive of big titty movies on the planet, not just the net. At first I was skeptical when I read it so I decided to check it out and they are right on point with it. At Score Land they have more then 500,000 photos that’s right that is half a million worth of huge juggs all at your finger tips.

They also give you access to 300 plus hours of high quality video as soon as you become a member. They have enough high quality, exclusive content that you could spend a week straight on the site and never see the same shit twice unless you want to.

ScoreLand was also made so it is very easy to navigate through the site. When you first open up the site you get 3 very busty girls wishing you a Merry Christmas but that is just a small piece. To the left they give every imaginable option, from instant access to high quality videos to photos, model directory, archives and even their own online magazines.

It is a boob lovers dream come true when you become a member of You would think that with all the tits they are giving you access to it is going to cost you your entire pay check but it’s actually just less then a dollar a day to become a member.

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