Dec 222009


Her name is Tanner Mayes and I have to say, she is amazing when it comes to performing at Innocent High. Tanner has a killer body and a spunky attitude. Speaking of spunk, doesn’t she make a money shot look so much richer?

Innocent High adds new episodes weekly and while they don’t all feature Tanner Mayes, they do feature one of a kind hotties. Along with the uncut videos you get crystal clear screen caps. Everything is downloadable and 100% exclusive.

Before you check out the site let me add that Innocent High uses girls that actually look like they are still seniors… In high school… Not college or old enough to have a masters!

Innocent High gives you real teens plus seven more sites you won’t want to live without. Now take the tour, check the join page and read about the gooey details!

Ultra HD Porn with Shawna Lenee

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Dec 152009


The porn business is usually a front runner in the race to bring technology to the masses. You have probably heard about the BetaMAX/VHS wars before (depending on how old you are). VHS won because porn chose VHS. Porn also ushered in DVDs when the mainstream entertainment world wanted to stick with VHS (like the car companies that want to keep us on gasoline engines). But, the porn industry has been dropping the ball lately!

As computer systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and computer networks are adding more and more bandwidth, the online entertainment industry hasn’t been keeping up!

Sure, the industry does release porn DVDs in High Definition formats, but what about the online industry? Why are there still plenty of big name production companies releasing shitty low-grade, pixilated, blurry, dark online videos? Who wants this kind of crap? Or better yet, who wants to pay for it?

Not ME!

Three paragraphs and a one liner and still nothing about how hot Shawna Lenee is with her 34D tits and her tight, shaved pussy? I know… I am getting to that…

So a group of porn viewers got together and decided to make things right (as Americans often do). They created to tackle this low-grade video problem. On HD Porn you will find nothing but the best porn stars like Shawna Lenee and the best videographers. They take this business just as seriously as you take your porn budget and in this economy, that budget is dwindling.

You won’t find dwindling budgets at HD Porn. They are growing at an amazing rate. It seems I am not the only one thinking porn was in a sad state of affairs. Surfers just like you are now able to enjoy porn in HD the same way you get it on DVD!

Now you can enjoy Ultra Porn in the privacy of your living room. No trips to the video store. No avoiding stares from other customers. No unexplainable deliveries of “plain brown packages” arriving at your door, or worse, at your neighbors door when you don’t answer!

Also on the list of no-no’s are things like digital rights management and download restrictions. You can grab as much as you like or stream it to your browser and leave the evidence behind!

At HD Porn they have porn in every niche imaginable. They have an introductory price of $4.99 for 2 days or get $19.99 for a month and really save. This is a Holiday Special that keeps giving the entire length of your uninterrupted stay. That means the price never goes up so long as you stay a member.

Now lets talk about the DVD/Online porn budget. You can get all of the porn in the niches you desire for $19.99 a month or keep on paying an arm and a leg trying to get it from multiple sources… and how has that been working out for you?

Get HD Porn and get your porn budget back on track!

MILFs Ultra

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Dec 102009

I don’t know about you, but if I was presented with a MILF that looked this good, I’d tongue her ass too!

When it comes to Ultra Porn, nobody does it like MILFs Ultra. A site so fucking-fucktabulous they put Ultra in the mother fucking name!

The quality of the ladies on MILFs Ultra make this site stand out. Another feature that pleases the senses is that it is part of a large network of porn you get for one low price. These people specialize in MILF porn and have the sites to prove.

Take the MILFs Ultra tour and check the bottom of the page for more details!

Teen Models – Lara – Anal Fisting

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Dec 032009

anal fisting

Before watching this video I had no idea that anal fisting was even an option. Talk about your ultra porn!

Teen Models isn’t all about anal fisting. It is a web site that finds hot young babes and video tapes them doing what girls do. In the above case Lara enjoys fisting herself anally. In other video examples you can watch Alisa masturbate with a banana or Sasha and Stella fuck each other with an olive jar.

While there are lots of simple masturbation videos… fingers to clits, finger banging, etc… there are also tons of videos where the girls do things they don’t normally like anyone else to know about.

The site updates daily and the models are gorgeous. I look at porn on a daily basis and I haven’t seen anything like this before. I have heard of girls practicing on magic markers, but with a champagne bottle?

Teen Models is close to hitting a 2000 downloadable videos milestone. The pictures are shot in 3000px HD. Downloads are unlimited and the videos are encoded in everything you can possibly think of.

This is one site every man, woman and pervert must see!

Score Land – Rukhsana

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Dec 012009


WHOOOO… those giant tits look like they are going to pop out of the screen and smack me in the face. Not like I would complain about it either. I would love to motor boat those massive flesh mountains.

If you don’t like the massive juggs on Rukhsana because you want them bigger. You can just choose another model at ScoreLand. That is where I found those big tits and you can find hundreds more just like them and even bigger.

Score Land has the biggest archive of full length big boobed movies and photos online. Its comes out to be 700,000 photos and over 4,000 hours of High Quality Videos. is as easy to navigate as those tits.

They have a section on the left that gives you access to options like their Model Directory and SCORE On Location. That is a special section of that takes you along with their photo-team as they meet an incredible array of sexy bra-busters. Its like taking a mini-vacation with a beautiful busty babe.

So check Scoreland and see what exotic location they go to next.