Nov 162011


We all knew a girl back in school like Tobie Teen. She wasn’t a perfect 10, but then she wasn’t ugly either. She tried too hard and sometimes that was a good thing… Like when she surprised you wearing her Playboy outfit.

Sure, you wanted Jenny with her blonde ponytails, but Tobie Teen is way better than jacking off… again… Besides, Tobie lets you do all of that freaky stuff!


Tobie Teen likes to experiment. She has been experimenting with herself for years. Now it is time for her to try everything out on you!

And when you aren’t around? She finds one of her girlfriends and practices sex with her!


Jenny won’t put your "dirty cock" in her mouth, but Tobie Teen can’t seem to get enough of your sperm! She rubs it all over her tiny tits and then licks it off of her nipples. What a kinky little bitch!

No wonder Jenny hates her!


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