Latin Adultery – Sofia Lomeli

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Jul 312008

LatinAdultry-SofiaLomeli At you get an inside look into the inner workings of the Latina mind. You get to see just how cunning these sexy latina ladies can get when it comes to satisfying their carnal desires. These hot and spicy latina women have rich husbands that give them no attention so they find other ways to be happy. Come check out these hot latin women seduce their weekly boy toys.

for instance check out Sofia Lomeli a sexy married auto mechanic who is all about customer service. After every oil change this sexy grease monkey will lube the customers cock with her latina pussy oil. What her husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

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Innocent High

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Jul 252008

There has been a lot of talk about teachers banging their students in the media lately so it should be of no surprise that the porn industry is making an effort to capitalize on it.

I have to say, the school boys have been having a lot more luck then the schoolgirls. Some of those female teachers that got busted were fucking insanely hot. I am jealous! My high school had two gorgeous teachers and we all tried banging them. Nothing ever happened (to my knowledge).

So here is a question… When chicks get banged by their principal we can all see how that is wrong, but when sixteen year old boys are fucking twenty-four year old teachers that are hot, is that really wrong? Was the kid really traumatized? I mean the kid is going to get high-fives for life!

So Innocent High. The porn industries answer to banging school girls. Here it is all fantasy and boy do they let their inner muse run wild on some of these. Ever wanted to bang a cheerleader? Now you can. Figuratively speaking of course.

By the way, before I forget, get yourself a Fleshlight. It is basically a flashlight that conceals a male sex toy. If you ever wanted to remember what it was like banging a tight high school pussy, this thing will refresh your memory for sure!

Back to our original programming…

Fuck, I am looking at some of these hotties at Innocent High and the picture I picked to represent them sucks ass compared to these ladies… But you will never know because you will see the second version above.

Much better… you will just have to trust me on this. Plus the one I picked reflects what is going on in high schools now a days… BTW, before you think I am all perverted and shit, seniors are eighteen so these babes are completely – barely legal.

No, I don’t think girls smoking cock is all that is going on in high schools in this day and age. I was talking about the piercings, the blue eye shadow and the dyed hair. If girls are going to look like porn stars, expect them to fuck like bunnies. Back in my day this chick would have been kicked out of school just for looking like that.

At Innocent High this chick won’t get kicked out but, she will get a big fat A once she blows that cock.

Each week a new episode is added featuring some slut looking to make her parents happy about her grades any way she can. If they only knew how she got that A!

Big Mouthfuls – Sunny

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Jul 152008


I know what your thinking, what is this sweet young girl doing holding a hand full of cock .Well that is a more then a hand full, that cock looks like its going to be a Big Mouthful for the lovely Sunny Lane.

Don’t be fooled by Sunny’s sweet and innocent look. This girl is fucking crazy when it comes to sex. She was not shy at all when she started to do a strip tease. Then she crawled over and started to suck on a Monster Cock like she was starving for it.

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Captain Stabbin – Hollie

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Jul 032008

On the SS Captain Stabbin you will set sail to the best anal fucking adventures on the internet.

Imagine Hollie a sexy hot brunette with a hot pair of legs, tits, and ass cheecks. Getting oiled up and pounded in the ass on the the deck of boat. Well that is what Captain Stabbin will give us Hollie "Lust at Sea". You will be grabbing your cock the whole time viewing this horny brunette babe getting worked and cum splashed by Josh of

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Tia Ling – Breaking out the sweet & sour

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Jul 022008

I have spent way too much of my time watching great shows revolving around food preparation like No Reservations to even think about dunking a perfectly good piece of meat into sweet and sour sauce… But, for Tia Ling, I will certainly make an exception!

Tia Ling is the Asian sex bomb sent to America to infiltrate our minds and drive a wedge between us and our skanky wives. I know I should put up the good fight and resist but I am a hot blooded male and I like Asian women…

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