Ass Plundering

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Sep 242006

So when checked out I thought cool another big booty site. Well I was half right, this site is all about the booty but with a twist. is all about taking dirty bitches with nice round asses and then they proceed to stretch their assholes. This is one of the few anal sites out there. If it was not for all the pics of huge cocks going deep in to some butt holes you would think its a booty site.

So lets say that your not a big fan of but you thought there was a hot bitch with a great ass on the site so you said alright I will check this out. Well when you become a full member then you will get access to all 36 of there sites. That is over 700 DVD titles, that is a shit load of movies fuck there is some video rental places that dont have that many movies there.

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Sep 232006
Sweet Peaches Pussy Fingers

I like lesbian porn just as much as the next guy. But I am pretty particular about my lesbian porn. For instance, I hate faked lesbian porn. You know the kind, two hot models coming close but no cigar to actually stinking their fingers in the peach.

Sweet Peaches isn’t that kind of lesbian. She jams her fingers in pussy like a man. Which is nice because it allows me to fantasize that I am initiating the hottie into the four finger club myself!

I also like the fact that Peaches actually inserts the dildo into her partner and makse her cum with it. She licks her girlfriends clit and sucks the pussy juice out of her vagina. That is hot lesbian porn and that is what I like to see. also has a large cache of her masturbation videos. Who doesn’t want to see a hot brunette with a rock hard body rub herself to orgasm? The images of this girl are like art. Poster quality shoots with a lot of close hi-res stuff like panty shots where you can see her vulva pressing against the satin.

If you like a girl who can tease you (nonnude) and then please you (nude) and then blow your mind (sex), Sweet Peaches is your new honey!

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2 Big To Be True

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Sep 202006
2 Big To Be True

Nice, but that is just the head sweety, time to move on down… if you can…

That little cute slut is named Savannah. I don’t know what possesses a girl to want to take not just one, but two 2 big to be true cocks that are obviously way out of her scronny-assed league. But then I am not here to psychoanalyze her either.

No, I am here to simply document the evidence and state my unbiased opinion of what I saw at

First Savannah got picked up on the street. Hey, I know you are thinking, stupid white bitches, ain’t got no brains… but she was curious. She hadn’t ever done two guys before and she was always wondering if black guys really do have bigger dicks.

Well, not all black guys do have bigger dicks. But it is obvious that these two black guys have more meat than my immediate family put together. Yeah, I am white.

Each week Shane Diesel and his buddy Boz find another stupid bitch to tag team the fuck out of.. literally! These guys don’t just bake a ho. No, they marinate her in jizz and skewer her from both ends. She is all happy and go lucky until the process begins, when her holes are stretched in ways she never thought possible.

If you are a fan of the big cock niche, this site has it all and it is all 2 Big To Be True, but it is what it is!

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Bubble Butt Bonanza Diliah

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Sep 202006
Bubble Butt Bonanza Daliah

I don’t like doing picture galleries much but this time you can label me a "kiss ass", OK?

That ultra wide booty belongs to Daliah from Bubble Butt Bonanza. I am sure you would all find her onion booty a bonanza and a half and then some more.

The gents at BubbleButtBonanza are masters of the thick rump. Sure they might be white and use slang and basically sound as lame as a white rapper like Vanilla Ice but they have a keen sense for finding the onion booty. Each week they add another ass pounding episode of 100% exclusive phat booty.

Bubble Butt Bonanza isn’t about wide angle lens tricks or other shenanigans, it is about bubble booty coming out of your ears. It is about chicks with wide asses giving them up for the world to see. It is about girls showing off their ability to suck a mean cock and gargle cum. It is about wrapping hard cock with tight snatch and then nutting on her tits. And it is about Booty, Booty, Booty!

And as if that wasn’t enough of a reason to join, you get access to their other 12 sites! Not some bullshit plugins, I mean real websites with exclusive content. Get the lotion and a warm towel, you are going to be here for a while.

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Extreme Asses Brazil

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Sep 182006
Extreme Asses Brazil

I grew up on the soccer fields of Southern California. There I saw some of the finest asses in the world (in the womens tournaments!)… But nothing can compare to the extreme asses they are growing down in Brazil!

That chicks ass is on fire, man! I am talking hot and smokey. Her ass is like an aircraft carrier. You can start painting that ass with lotion and by the time you get to the otherside you have to start all over again because it took that long, all of the lotion has dried up!

I can’t imagine how wearing a g-string was first legalized in Brazil. Then again, I can’t believe that it was ever illegal too! Here in America we had a tough enough time being allowed to show piece of board for a backside in a two piece bathing suit. I definately have a place in my heart for those folks down South. I’ll have to visit there someday when I get some cash together.

But, until then, I do have $4.95 for a trial at The one-stop shop for Brazil’s finest asses and perhaps the greatest assets in all the world! Each week more pics and accompaning Brazillian booty videos are added. Plus you get bonus access to 20 more sites for the same low price.

This is one ass pass that cannot be beat!

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Sep 182006
Old Man Tales Maid

Welcome to 976Porn’s Blog.

To start off we will look at one of the sickest and most deviant websites on the net. On the MGP here it gets quite a lot of requests. You will see it at the top of the page often since it gets clicked on the most. And this site is Old Man Tales.

Old Man Tales has got to be the strangest website I have ever had the pleasure of writing about. Maybe it is odd to me because I am not over 50 yet. Hell I’m not even over 40, but I know when I get to be that age, this site is going to be in my bag of tricks!

I still look at a barely legal girl or two once in a while so I guess I can’t blaim these older gents for doing so too. Shit, I hope when I am that old I can still get me some pie this young if I want it.

In the gallery from above the old guy finds his maid doing some cleaning in a skimpy uniform with her ass hanging out. He tries to force himself on her but she ain’t going for it. Then she has a change of heart and gives him a chance to prove himself by licking her pussy. Well, what did she expect, the old man has plenty of pussy licking experience and it feels good! Duh! After that, he bangs the fuck out of her.

Old guys get young tale a lot more often than people think. I did a study once while in college and found out that 50% of the girls under 23 had a crush on their professor. There was only one professor under 40 in the study. All of the other professors were over 40 and most were over 50!

I don’t know about you, but those odds look mighty fine. So fine I think I’ll go back and get a PHD in something just so I can bang girls and have some Old Man Tales of my own!

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