Teen Paris Milan – White Water Rapids

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Apr 292010


Big titties… Nice ass…  Mouth made for swallowing, priceless… Teen Paris Milan makes my dick hard, no two ways about it. No clever sayings, just straight dick hard.

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Apr 222010


Oh so sweet little Hispanic Teen riding a hard cock with her nice little shaved pussy.  Tania is just what Ultra Porn needed. 

  What’s wrong with this picture, young innocent teen with braces…  Nooo!!! Young perky boobs?   Hell to the no!!!  Sweet innocent shaved pussy riding a cock?  Yes and no, Yes because she is riding Pacino from Pacino’s Adventures cock and not mine.  No because it is a sweet innocent looking shaved pussy.

I love you Tania, will you be my fuck buddy???  Thought I was going to say wife didn’t you, hells no…  you find sweet pussy like this you don’t get married, you want to worry about who is trying to or is fucking her while your gone!!1  Fuck no, you want to be fucking her while some other jack ass is worried about who is fucking her… 

Now that you have been educated Tbone style, it is time to grab the vasoline, a big fucking towel and go visit Tania at Pacino’s Adventure.  Don’t be a cheap ass it is worth it….

Teen Blow Jobs – Kandy

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Apr 122010


How about a little Kandy? 

Remember when your mom would tell you not to eat too much candy, at Teen Blow Jobs your problem is solved.  This is a place where the Kandy eats you.

Watch as this sweet little piece of ass blow this guys cock like it is her last supper.  I think this guy actually fucks the freckles off her face, maybe it is just my messy screen.

Cum on your screen as you watch Kandy and her friends at Teen Blow Jobs help you blow your wad.

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Tinys Black Adventure – Nouvelle

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Apr 032010


Barbie who?  That bitch can’t compare to NouvelleCheck out that ass, that tight beautiful black pussy.

I normally like my bitchez to have big titties and a fat ass, like many of the other hoes from Tinys Black Adventure… You have to check dez bitchez out, they finer than a motha fucka.  Nouvelle is just one of many hoes that makes me want to beat that pussy up.

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