Mother And Daughter Avoid Eviction With Blowjobs

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Sep 222014

Margo Sullivan and Breanna

When the landlord comes knocking looking for his rent only to find his tenants don’t have it he isn’t happy and considers evicting them both. Suddenly the daughter Breanna has a wonderful idea run through her head. She grabs the landlords cock and gives it a squeeze through his pants. having a hot little brunette teen rubbing his manhood causes his cock to grow instantly into a fuck stick.

Mom, not wanted to be left out, drops to her knees and releases the landlords boner from its confines and right into her waiting mouth. The mother daughter duo work his cock into a frothy mess of saliva and cum before promising to have his rent in full the next time he comes back.

The videos on are raunchy. They depict the true face of America’s Midwest culture. People are working two jobs and cannot afford shit. So single mom’s are turning to prostitution to make ends meet. In the process they are also teaching their daughters the carnal arts of a gypsy lifestyle passed down from generation to generation.

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