Girlfriend Handjobs – Amazing!

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Oct 312007

Big Tits Teen
Girlfriend Handjobs

There are many legitimate reasons for a handjob. Maybe your girlfriend is on her period? Maybe your wife is in the late stages of pregnancy. Or maybe your girlfriend actually gets jealous when you masturbate so she insists on giving you a handjob every time you see each other. Little does she know you still go home and masturbate

Those are all great reasons but one of the best reasons for a girlfriend to give you a handjob is so she can tease the cum out of you.

I had a wonderful girlfriend that used to love to do this sort of thing all the time. It all started when she caught me in her panty drawer. Not to many good excuses for being in your girlfriends panty drawer. Well, besides for being a major pervert that is…

So her head went spinning with all sorts of things. In the beginning she was a bit horrified. But when I explained I was masturbating about her wearing them and not me she calmed down. She happened to be wearing a skirt and suddenly she got an idea and smiled.

Big Tits Teen
Girlfriend Handjobs

She made me strip naked and took me over to her bed, leading me with my cock. She then ordered me to sit with my legs open and she maneuvered herself so that she could do the same. She was wearing some blue satin panties underneath her pantyhose. My dick went rock hard stiff immediately!

This made her grin some more and she spit on her hand and started working my cock. First, she went fast to get some pre cum out and then she slowed it down. She loosened her grip and ran her fingers over the head rhythmically. I tried to reach towards her crotch but she slapped my hand away.

Lucky for me this girl was well-endowed. By graduation her tits were D’s with an hourglass figure. She pulled up her shirt and unhooked her bra to let those fun bags out. Her hand started pumping harder and faster and less than a minute later warm globs of my cum were shooting all over her tits. She kept pounding my meat and my cum ran down her hand to drip onto her pantyhose. It was an image that would burn itself into my mind forever. is where I go when just thinking about that image isn’t enough… When I want to watch crystal clear video of girls making me feel like my girlfriend made me feel this place is perfect. The Girlfriend Handjobs videos are available in both WMV and MPEG formats. Movies are always downloadable and broken up into small clips and as one large movie.

Are you ready to relive your past?

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Girlfriend Handjobs