Hardcore Smoothies

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Sep 242010


Remember two girls one cup? Well, somebody was looking for a way to outdo them and I think they have finally found something not so gross!

It is called Hardcore Smoothies and we are talking about shave jobs here. No… We are talking about that fruity, yogurty, milky stuff you get at the local juice bar. It isn’t what it is that makes it hardcore, it is what they do with it!

So what do they do with it? Well… They use a speculum to put that smoothie up their pooper and sometimes their vagina and then dance around with it… mixing the concoction up inside their bodies!

Then they squat and flush that sucker out. But that’s not all they do. That’d be… well… softcore actually! After they have ejected the liquid they drink their hardcore smoothies!

Ultra Porn. Bringing you the crazy shit once again!

Teen 18 Lesbians – Pink Dildo

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Sep 192010


Aw the sweet sound of a Teen 18 Lesbian getting her pussy lips split by a pink dildo.  The only sound that could match that would be the sound of my cock splitting that ice young teen lesbian pussy.

Now the chick that is the receiving end of that dildo is beautiful, she is so exotic looking that it just adds to me wanting to fuck her.  Teen 18 Lesbian where cocks are not permitted, I have to tell you that just makes it hotter.

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