Student Sex Friends

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Jun 302008

I remember my first threesome with a freaky teen slut like it was yesterday. Me and a buddy took a girl up on her request for us to come over and partake in her mom’s liquor. Her mom was a single working mother so she left her daughter home alone way to often. She was the girl that begged for attention.

This hot little slut wasn’t exceptionally cute but she was by no means ugly either. Completely fuckable by anyone over 30 and something you wouldn’t say no to by anyone her age.

When we arrived she offered us some shots and we got to the business of drinking. A few more shots and a joint later and we were all pretty toasted. She turned on the radio and started doing some kind of drunken dance.

I got off the couch and started dancing with her hoping we could be student sex friends. While I was dancing behind her she started grinding her cute little butt into me. I grabbed her hips and moved my pelvis opposite of hers.

Motioning for my buddy to join, I turned her around to face me. I bent in to kiss her and she returned the kiss with a wanton lust. My buddy started grooving with her ass and she worked her hips like a banshee in heat.

Before long our little vixen was taking off our shirts and hers too. She flipped around to work on one of us while the other worked on her and then back again. Over and over she did this until we were all naked.

The picture above from Student Sex Friends depicts what happened next quite well. It became obvious to us that this little bitch intended on sucking our cocks from the beginning. She probably masturbated to the thought of it more often than we did!

Student Sex Friends is about the sexual exploits barely legal teens engage in. Things go from quickie sex to kinky sex and everything in between. Sex so raw and hard it takes two condoms (if they actually cared about wearing them, which they don’t).

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Pimp My Black Teen – Erica

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Jun 252008


When first caught up with Erica she was looking like a tattered hood rat. Once Pimp My Black Teen extreme makeover styled her fine ebony ass and serious juggs out. They test drove Erica’s horny tight pussy with a thick black cock.

Erica is a prime example of the skill that the Pimp My Black Teen crew has in discovering young black teen chicks with a real future in the porn industry.

That is what does, they find ordinary looking barely legal Black teens from the ghetto and pimp them out extreme makeover style! Pimp My Black Teen is proud of turning these ghetto hoochies into totally sexy bangable booty beauties.

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Over 18 Under 21

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Jun 192008

Now there is an over-under bet I wouldn’t mind taking.

This is a true teen fucking site. It is called Over 18 Under 21. The perfect sweet spot where just about any chick looks tangy as all hell. Unless of course she weighs in at 300lbs.

Seriously though… I have been to many Spring Break celebrations across the US and parts of Mexico. Pretty much every girl weighing within 30lbs of her ideal body weight looks pretty damn appetizing when she is bronze tan.

Don’t worry though… All of the teens at Over 18 Under 21 are at their ideal body weight and none of them have butter faces. This site was made by perverts, for perverts.

The clarity of the videos and pics at Over 18 Under 21 is unparalleled. I have seen a lot of porn in my day and I have to say this site delivers like no other.

Over 18 Under 21 is part of a 10 site network that updates daily. Check the join page and you can see the entire list there. My personal favorite site (after Over 18 Under 21) is Japan Dreams. Who doesn’t like real Japanese schoolgirls?

Girls Next Door Abused – Amateur Video

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Jun 172008


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8th Street Latinas – August

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Jun 122008

Well, sometimes laying on your back  just isn’t enough to satisfy a horny Latina girls appetite. Feeling a mans cock driving up inside a Latina babes pussy from behind with her perfect tits hanging down to be cupped by a strong mans hands is such a turn on for these hot young 8th Street Latinas babes.

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Neighbor Affair – Marsha Lord

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Jun 042008

We all need good neighbors. At Neighbor Affair our sexy babes next door always seem to need some neighborly help. It is just a plus when these sexy hot babes needs are to satisfy their cravings for big hard cocks deep in the mouths. Or to loosen their tight pussies to relieve their stresses. will satisfy many desires like like one on one, threesomes, some big tits, blow jobs, some lesbian action with out right gorgeous babes, and more.

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