Sheridan Love Lets The Ladies Run Free

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May 302013


The next time you are trolling the Internet looking for hot webcam girls I suggest you take a gander at a site I have been keeping my eye on for a while here. It is packed with webcam girls from all walks of life. There are teen girls looking to supplement their college stipends. There are Asian girls, Russian girls, Czech girls and others, looking to have a better life for themselves. Then there are the hot babes like Sheridan Love above that are well known porn stars capitalizing on their fame and fabulously bodacious bodies. caught my eye when I was looking for something to do that I could do for real cheap. I had seen gold shows before, but I had never participated in one because I didn’t know how they worked. As it turns out they are pretty simple to understand. The girl sets a price she will start her show for. Then she sets a time limit to hit that price. Finally, she sets a limit on how little you can spend to enjoy the show. In Sheridan’s case it was six bucks, but I have seen girls with shows for less than that.

Once the girls time limit runs out she has two choices, give you your money back or start the show for less than she had wanted. If the money is pretty close they will usually just go ahead and start the show. If the money target is met then the show starts immediately and you don’t have to wait for the timer to run out. Webcam girls like Sheridan Love often hit their money target.

So the next time you are out trolling remember for webcam girls and porn stars that know how to entertain you for less!

Ultra Large Babes On BBW Web Cams

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May 242013

EllyBBWx from

Sometimes good things come in large packages. I know some guys prefer small ones, but I am not afraid of having a little cushion for the pushing. When it comes to women I say lay it all on me. Let it all hang out. I want her to have enough body to handle all of my loving. Skinny bitches need not apply. This is an ultra porn blog and I like to fill it will ultra heavy women like EllyBBWx from

I wont lie. There was a time when I wasn’t many enough to handle a BBW woman like Elly. I’d shy away from them because I was afraid of what my friends might say. These days I will look you right in the eye and let you know I am having a ball with ladies like Elly. She is happy to give me every last bit of her loving and that is fine by me.

My confidence in myself and in dating BBW girls grew once I started chatting with them on webcam sites. Over time I found and I was elated by the amount of hot plumpers they had. Lots of sites have large women for you to chat with, but this one had beautiful ones. I want my butter on my bread, not on my bitches face, if you know what I mean.

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Teen Mom Sex Tape Comes Out

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May 052013


Ever since Teen Mom came out on MTV my daughter would tell me how much of a slut she thought Farrah Abraham was. I didn’t get into the particulars, but I guess my daughter was right because a sex tape has surfaced with this girl taking it backside!

This is certainly worthy of being categorized as ultra porn. I was thinking the video would be purely guy/girl sex, but apparently Farrah has a thing for girls too. She also has a thing for anal sex.

Hopefully Farrah Abraham porn will be here to stay. By that I mean she will decide a million wasn’t enough and making a porn video wasn’t so bad, and do another one. Only time will tell on that one. One thing I can say with certainty is that you will find this video to be the hottest celebrity sex tape ever released to date.