Apr 132009

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When was the last time you banged a chick Fresh Out of High School? Probably not often enough. Being married I know it has been, ohh, about 24 years for me. But, no worries. The guys at New Sensations built us a fantasy site where we can still get our grove on. Even if it is an electric grove.

FreshOutofHighSchool.com finds insanely cute babes that just graduated and are looking for further instruction. These chicks will do just about anything!


Alexa Jordan is making use of her mom and dads furniture in ways they never dreamed of using it themselves. Sure you won’t get to bang Alexa this way in the flesh, but who cares? If you are going to buy DVD’s and porno mags you might as well save a ton of cash.

Listen, the economy sucks and even Obama can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again anytime soon. So while your 401K is in the toilet it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. If only for a moment each day.

New Sensations is the fifth largest porn video producer in the world. If you have ever watched porn DVD’s or old VHS’s or even on late night, cable chances are you have seen their work.

As a member of Fresh Out of High School you get access to the entire New Sensations catalog. What does that mean exactly? Well, 27 sites for starters. Each site’s content is shot 100% exclusive for that site. And you have to admit, Fresh Out of High School ain’t half bad by anyone’s standards.

Being one of the world’s largest porn producers also means New Sensations signs girls that no one else has. No more seeing the same bitch smoking a cock for the hundredth time. At New Sensations there are dozens of contract girls that only shoot with New Sensations. Plus, they also shoot those other girls too! Another win-win!

No more waiting for a site to update weekly or even twice weekly. As a member of Fresh Out of High School you get to enjoy multiple daily updates from all of the sites in the network.

Check out the tour at FreshOutofHighSchool.com or take the New Sensations tour and click Our Network link. I am sure you will find the network to your liking.

Nikki’s Playmates

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Apr 072009


She has a nice set of naturally big tits and a globy delicious ass. Oh, and so do her friends!

Get a warm towel and some lube as we crack open Nikki’s Playmates. A site where a girl next door named Nikki can delve into her naughtiest thoughts and portray them for you on film; be it photographic or video. Nikki’s playmates also come around interacting with Nikki and going solo.

There are four updates a week and several live web cam shows. Each of the girls sticks around to do several photos and videos so you can really get to know her.

Nikkis Playmates also host a forum where you can make requests on anything from the outfits to having them act out your favorite fetish. You can even suggest they shoot one of your aspiring model friends (or sisters)!