Nuru Massage – Happy Ending

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May 282010


Welcome to newest most exotic massage around, Nuru Massage.  The word comes from Japan and means "slippery".   Nuru Massage is awesome, just make sure you have time to shower before going home to you wife.  They use a special gel that is colorless, tasteless, and extremely slippery and smooth.  But is difficult to get off.

In a Nuru Massage, you are first covered with the gel and then the masseuse slides on you using her entire body. It is totally fucking awesome, you will cum before they ask you for a tip.  Make sure to bring your Viagara, this is a Happy Ending you will want twice.  The first in free.

Watch as Stephanie demonstrates what you are in for, I suggest you join this site and let your imagine run rampant before you step up to the big leagues.  It is exciting and very overwhelming, it will be over before you know it if you are not properly prepared.  So go to Nuru Massage and get up the courage and prepare yourself for that special day.  

Indian Sex Lounge – Hot Car fuck

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May 172010


Since we are still searching for Osama Bin Laden, I suggest we start here.  Thanks to Indian Sex Lounge we get to watch this white cock fuck the shit out of this Indian babe in a car.

Can’t beat them, fuck their chick is my motto.  I’ve taken a couple beatings in my life, granted never by just one other person.  The first time it happened I banged the chick first, thus the reason for the sneak attack.  The second time I banged the dudes chick after he and his punk ass friends jumped me.  I have to admit the second time was much more satisfying.

Indian Sex Lounge gives you that sense of satisfaction with your new favorite taboo of watching the these Indian babes get fucked.  Come check out the awesome free samples, you are limited to 5 free video’s, but they are some of the best around. 

Ass Parade Gisselle and Jazmyne

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May 072010



When I first seen the picture of Gisselle and Jazmyne on I couldn’t decide which one of the girls had the better ass. Then I came across this picture and it is noticeable, Gisselle in the blue has the bigger butt.

The great thing about this Ass Parade discount for 68% in savings is that you don’t have to choose between two lushes asses like the ones pictured above. With just one membership you can enjoy as many juicy butts as you can handle.

Don’t Believe me? Just take a quick tour. If that is not enough, sign up for a 2 day trial its only $1.00. That is right a dollar for access to the hottest asses on the web.

Dirty Three Way – Havana and Ginger

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May 062010

Dirty Three Ways

This is how all friends should be, Havana and Ginger are welcome to my house anytime for Dirty Three Way.  Two chicks, six holes.  Oh my, give me six holes and I’ll fuck all six.

Savanna is definitely worth a second look, see how she takes it anal.  It is Dirty Three Ways in more ways than one, titties being squeezed, titties bouncy, and taking a hot Latina anal.  Now that is a good time for all.


Three little words that will not allow you to look at any of your wives friends the same.  Dirty Three Way, you might even find yourself being a little nicer to that fat bitch of a friend that you don’t like.  The wife will be happy and who knows, one day a Dirty Three Way.