Oooowee She’s Thick

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Dec 312007

Oooowee that is a thick ass!!!!

I think I am crushin on London’s huge butt, what ass loving man wouldn’t be? London has an ass that left me speechless and looking for that lotion as soon as I seen it and that is a very hard thing to do since all day long all I do is look for that perfect ass.

I am not saying that she has the perfect ass, since in my eyes that shit is impossible to find but I will not stop till I find it, but she has the kind of ass that when you first see her big hips and thick ass it makes you roll your hand into a fist and bite your knuckle while you think Ooowee I would love to take a bite of that rump.

I don’t think I will ever be able to get enough of London. She has the total package when it comes to being a big booty hoe. She has an enormous ass and a sweet face but don’t let that good girl look fool you because under that is a straight freak that loves when you fuck her so hard and fast that all you want to do is unload the biggest shot of cum that is in you all over her oiled up ass cheeks.

Since one serving is not enough for me I am glad that I found a site that is dedicated to bringing you curvaceous beautys. At you can find London and all of her friends waiting for you to fill your plate with big healthy serving of thick black booty and why not its a lot cheaper then getting some fast food and it is much more satisfying.

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Even Santa Knows That PornStars Like It Big

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Dec 302007
Big Tit Patrol

Ho Ho Ho…. Merry Cristmas

We figured that you will probably get a bunch of useless shit for the holidays, so we have taken it upon us to give you something we know you will enjoy for sure. We want to give you Nikki, Lichelle and Brook three of the hottest pornstars on the net. They have quickly moved up to the top of Santas naughty list, you can see up above why.

You can find all three of these hotties on the fastest growing porn site on the net It has become on of our favorite of all time here at Cockasourus. PornStars Like It Big has the hottest chicks on the net getting down with the biggest cocks around.

This site is all about size, we have all heard the cliche " Size doesn’t Matter, It’s what you do with, that matters" well the guy who says that isn’t on PornStars Like It Big fucking these hot sluts instead he is jacking off to them. Well that shit is cool with me, I don’t mind I like the fact that when I am done I just switch over to the next bitch. In my mind I have fucked Cody Lane and Amy Reid so many times it’s not even funny and I don’t have to hear her talk about what she did today. So enjoy Porn Stars Like It Big.

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Dec 132007

Barely Legal

One day I woke up. I went to the computer and I typed in an address I had typed in on many other occasions. On this fateful day I was stunned to receive an error instead of the web site I had previously enjoyed. My favorite web site had closed. I was so bummed.

That web sites name was Crush Photo. It was a web site not like any other site on the internet. These people really knew how to tease a guy. First they started with hot models. Then they backed that up with hot clothing to put the models in. And finally they backed that up with style. Throw in some awesome photography and you have a web site no one else can match.

But… Like I said, that web site died one fateful day. Until now! is open for business and waiting for you. All of your favorite models and some soon to be favorites in one place. If you have never experienced Crush Photo you need to check out Crush Empire. Lofty words like amazing can’t even come close to doing this web site justice.

Originally started as a non-nude concept it morphed into a semi-nude and eventually completely nude masterpiece. This was the first website to dare to show pictures of girls with shaved vaginas. No shit. Think back four to five years ago. Sure some girls had landing strips but no one shaved their entire pussy out of fear. Fear? Yes…. FEAR…

Back then Internet porn was just catching on. Big brother was watching like a hawk and using obsenity laws like a golfer uses golf clubs. Everyone was affraid of the barely legal niche. But not Crush Photo. They pioneered the bare pussy look. They weren’t affraid. They had all of the proper documentation in place and said, "Bring it on!"

Crush Photo lacked one thing though… A marketing brain. They still are not up to speed with Crush Empire, but one thing is for sure, they are here to stay. Though they lack galleries for me to show you, they have a pretty good tour. You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures. The photos at are shot in high resolution to the max. I am talking even a 30 inch monitor would have a hard time showing them full screen. They come in different formats so people with 17" to 20" monitors will have an easy time viewing them. And if you want to zoom in… boy oh boy can you ever zoooom in!

Updates come every other day and at $19.95 this site is going to be a keeper. I am sure you will find plenty of barely legal models to enjoy and each model has many photo sets to explore her with.

Editors Note: Crush Empire is once again Crush Photo!

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