Border Bangers

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Nov 042006

Seeing how the government still needs help with the whole immigration issue I think they need to hire these guys. Border Bangers pose as immigration officials and get illegal Latina sluts to suck and fuck on camera for fear of being deported.

Border bangers is the original Latina hard core site and all their content is totally exclusive illegal Latinas getting banged or deported and sometimes they do both. If you’re into the whole Latin honey thing then there is no doubt that is for you.

They have more than 30 hot little Latin sluts on their site just waiting for you to see how they got worked by the border agent. With all the Latina’s that come across the border on a daily basis or are already here will never run out of girls to shoot, in fact they update the site every week with a new girl. If you want to see a certain illegal get fucked then let them know and they will find them and make sure that they suck and fuck or get deported and login and watch.

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Milk My Cock

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Nov 032006

On milk my cock you will find some hardcore throat assault and facials that you have can’t even imagine. They like to gag young whores with more cock then they can handle.

If you’re a fan of watching tight young little petite sluts like Valerie gobbling on some huge cock then is the site for you. There is not much fucking on the site the girls do most of the touching, there is a lot of them playing with themselves for you to enjoy other then that its mostly just hot and horny girls that love to lick, stroke and suck cock until they get that milky facial that they love so much.

The only thing left for you to do now is to go and check out milk my cock and if you enjoy it as much as I did then sign up because that’s when all the good stuff happens like… you get access to all of the sites on there are like 28 of them, you also get access to more then 4,000 GIGS of porn that you can download as soon as you sign up to

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Rectal Rooters

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Nov 022006

Well it looks like the guys at have just unclogged another pipe. Sarah called what she thought was a real plumber because her shower drain was clogged, little did she know that the pipes in the wall weren’t the only pipes to be cleaned out.

At they have been cleaning pipes since 1996 so you will get the most hardcore ass pounding found anywhere on the entire net. They send out fake plumbers to girls homes and they pretend that the damage is much worse then it really is and overcharge them like 10 times the price it should be. Every once and awhile they get a dumb girl who has no fucking clue and they tell the guys that they can’t afford it but really need the work done. The guys tell them " If you can’t pay with cash, your gonna have to pay with your ass.” Its amazing how many of the girls actually suck and fuck just to have there clogged pipes fixed.

If you want to see extreme, hardcore, ass ripping, anal action you need to check it out and since all of their video is filmed by there own team its all DVD quality. When you join you will get more than 60 GIGS of movies and since they update their site every week with exclusive content you will have so much porn to see at rectal rooters to watch that you will never get bored and just on their first tour page they have more than 50 girls for you to choose from, not to mention the other 28 sites you get for free when you join

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Black Bros White Hoes

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Nov 012006

This site is about a brother on a mission, to fuck as many white princesses as possible. He picks them up in their favorite places like Starbucks, Target, malls and then he takes them home and talks them into taking off some clothing and then into taking his big black cock.

Its amazing what these ignorant sluts are willing to do for a couple of 100’s. These little white girls better be ready to swallow 14 inches of big black cock or they won’t be getting any thing but a huge facial. At they shoot all of their own content in the highest quality possible. The girls on the site do much more then just inhale big black cocks they also do a little masturbating, anal and some ass to mouth these sluts do it all.

Sign up now and start downloading it all, you can be downloading their entire interracial archive in a matter of minutes. I am telling you they have give you the best deal, for the price of joining you get access to more than 28 sites that update every week. They even have a thing called download manager that is designed exclusively for their sites and it lets you download multiple videos at the same time. Now you never have to worry about downloading one video and waiting for that one to finish to start the next one and for all of you out there with an ipod you can also put it on there now so you never miss a update of black bros white hoes.

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2 Dicks In 1 Chick

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Oct 252006

Do you think that with this picture Mandy Bright can now be classified as a cock hungry whore? I don’t think so I think it just shows her love for some man meat.

It looks like all those cock hungry whores have found a home on On that site you can find exclusive hardcore double penetration videos. They have gorgeous girls handling 2 monster cocks at one time. At there is no hole safe, they focus on filling the juicy holes of the sexiest women on the planet with 2 of the biggest cocks they can find.

If you like see sweet, nasty girls getting double stuffed and double fucked then is just for you. You will be amazed at how much these whores enjoy having their poor little tight holes stretched to the max. They have brand-new double dicked chicks added every week so it never gets old.

So if you are ready to see the wildest double penetration ever then sign up now to With your membership to the site you will also get access to 11 addition sites.

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Busty Cafe

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Oct 242006

All right that’s what I am talking about there is nothing as beautiful as a hot little whore in Vinyl with some huge tits and they are pierced that shit is even hotter. Candy is one of the many big tit babes that you will be able to find at

Busty Cafe is the # 1 site for big tit’s movies and galleries. It has by far the biggest collection of girls with perfect natural breast any where. When you join they give you access to busty pornstars, big tit teens, hardcore action, they even have 24/7 bust cam shows for all of you guys out there who love to see girls oil up and rub their big natural breast at all hours of the day.

With your membership to you also get access to 11 additional sites filled with great exclusive content. Busty cafe also updates their site 6 days per week not once or twice like all those other big tit sites out there. That means you get 5-4 more girls on busty cafe then you would anywhere else, so why bother with all those other ones just sign up now before they post another hot big breasted girl.

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Bang Bus

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Oct 232006

You guys remember back in the day how every one wanted to go on a road trip. The ones where you and all your friends would pile in one of your friends Vans and pack it with as much beer and junk that you could and hit the road ready to do shit you would be talking about for the rest of you life.

Well the guys at did exactly what every one wanted to do. The only difference is instead of hitting the road with a van full of guys looking for crazy shit to do, they hit the road with video camera and big fucking van in search of every girls inner slut. These guys have driven all over the country and what they have cought on tape is ready for all of you to see.

These guys go out and find the most random girls, they have picked up every thing from strippers to girls on the way to school to hot real estated agents like the one in the picture. She is hot as hell and has really nice tits and a thick round booty, she had the whole professional thing going on. They told her they were looking for a new place and she said she had just the place, she got in the van and the rest is history.

If you want to see her and tons of innocent girls that get turned inside out in the back of the bang bus and then watch as they get ditched, then you have to check out the one and only and when you get there just hit the girls button and that will show you more than 100 girls that have been in the back of the bang bus.

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Mr Camel Toe

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Oct 222006

Wow it looks like has found them selves the camel toe of all camel toe. Just in case you don’t know what a camel toe is let me fill you in what makes a camel toe, it’s when your pussy lips also known as labia’s are too long and fat that when you wear very tight clothing you can see the V shape made by her panties or clothing. Some people even say that excessive intercourse can cause a camel toe.

Well big, juicy pussy lips are the what makes a camel toe and the guys at are on a constant search for that grade A camel toe. That camel toe in the picture belongs to the horny sexy little bitch Christie. She has a one of those bubble butts and perky tits and some beefy, juicy, pussy lips that were dying to wrap around a big fat cock.

After Christie showed off her camel toe and held a glass of lube with it, she got all lubed up and ready for that cock to enter. Christie was a freaky little slut. When your done watching Christie’s juicy pussy lips get worked then you can watch one of the more than 40 girls that they have just for you. So next time your walking down the street and you see that little camel toe walking toward you just remember that you could see all of that on

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Ball Honeys

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Oct 212006

I know what you thinking this bitch has a huge ass, right. That she does and judging by it, you can totally tell that Tia is a one of those crazy Puerto Rican whores the kind that you can only find at has by far the biggest variety of girls on the net. You see ball honeys stands for B stands for Black girls, A stands for Asian girls and the L stands for Latin girls. They have the hottest brown-skinned girls in the world getting rammed by big cocks.

At they update with a new girl every Friday so you know they have tons of content of the highest quality. It’s always good to have a little variety in life who the fuck wants the same shit all the time, at you can have so many different types of girls, probably more then you can handle but that is a problem that we all wish we had.

With being a bangbros production, when you get your membership you will also get access to the entire bangbros network. That is 21 sites all for the price of 1 site, so if you’re ready to spice up your life then you need to bring out the credit card now and take care of business.

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Oct 202006

It looks like the guys at Bang Bros are now international pimps or like I like to call them " Jet fuel abusers.” These guys travel the world just to find you a sweet piece of ass from every corner of the world imaginable and get them on video playing with themselves just for you.

Take a look at Monique she a hot little French girl that you can only find at, its cool if she is not wearing the French maid outfit she is still fucking hot. With nice firm tits like hers she doesn’t need to hide them behind any piece of clothing that would be an international crime.

These guys at travel so much that they update the site with a new girl every week just imagine when you join up you can have some Belgium waffles with some Belgium pussy for breakfast and then for dinner have some Japanese sushi whatever you want they have.

When you first look at you will notice that you only get a couple of free trailers to enjoy but the best part is when you join and you get access to all of the whores so go ahead and check out those trailers because when your done you are going to want more.

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Tug Jobs

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Oct 192006

The way Nautica is handling that cock with two hands she is a pro at giving tug jobs. Most whores only use one hand but that just doesn’t give you the same kind of feeling that two wet and slippery hands do.

Watching Nautica stroking that cock on reminds me of the good old highschool days. I use to have this girlfriend that was one of those good girls wanted to save her self for marriage all that b/s any way every once and a while we would be making out she would start to tug on my cock and I would say "don’t start if you can’t finish" and she would give me this look like she wanted my cock just as bad as I wanted to give it to her, what she lacked in sex she doubled it orally and she gave the wettest most slippery fucking hand jobs ever. She would lick and suck my cock till it was so wet and slick then she would work her magic, after all its not sex its oral.

Those were the good old days any way I found a site that gives you that kind of experience. The site is called Most sites show you a quick clip of the girls sucking on the dick and then cut to the fucking, well at they pride themselves on finding the girls that give you hand jobs so good it makes you think about the first time you got one, so don’t miss out and get your membership now before you completely forget what it was like.

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Milf Lessons

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Oct 182006

It looks like there is finally a site out there that can give a run for the top dog. is by far one of the top milf sites out there.

There is nothing like a mature slut drooling over a young hard cock that she is about to practically swallow. The moms on are really hot and like to get dirty. These moms hit their sexual prime while their husbands can’t get it up without their magic little pill, so they have a craving for some rough dirty sex.

One of the best things about is that they give you a huge selection of milfs. They have the trophy-wife looking milfs like Nessa above and they have your average hot milf that you see at your local mall, both different but both have the same thing in common they love to fuck.

The only thing left is for you to join and see what new things these milfs can show you, after all they do have more than 110 episodes.

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Blind Date Bangers

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Oct 172006

How many people do you know go on a blind date and end up like these two are? Not to many right.

Well everyone that goes to and is set up on a date is going end up like that. I remember seeing that show blind date and never in its entire history have I seen any of their date’s end up fucking at the end of the night. is 100% hardcore dating action it’s all real not staged or an act. All you have to do is take the cock hungry sluts out to dinner and a movie and then back to your place and fuck them as hard as you want, sticking your cock in every whole you want.

Don’t waste any more of your time going out on those blind dates that your friends set you up with, not knowing if your going to get laid and having to drop a pretty penny. Check out where you are guaranteed to get laid without putting out all that cash.

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Baby Got Boobs

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Oct 162006

Ok what’s better then a hot teen giving you a good fucking blow job? A teen that has a big natural tits like Cody Lane.

Cody Lane is a stunning teen whore that is one nasty little nymph. After teasing the guys with her young natural tits, Cody got right down to business doing what she loves the most and that is sucking on rock hard cock. Cody gets fucked for a while in so many different positions. There is nothing like seeing big soft tits bouncing up and down while the slut gets fucked.

If you’re tired of all those teen sites that show off girls that are built like little boys then you need to check out They fuck only the freshest teens with the biggest tits around. They even have a 2-day trial just incase you don’t like, I got to admit you have to be a tool not to like seeing sweet young babes stacked with the biggest tits you’ve ever laid your eyes on getting there nice pink pussy’s packed with some rock hard cock

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Oct 122006

It was about three months ago that I found myself single and looking for someone to hang out with. When I say hang out with, I mean someone that I can have a fling with.

I got on the net and went to all the different dating sites looking for that fling. I went through all of the sites like perfect match, friend finder and even the one that Dr.Phil talks about I spent two months talking to a couple of different girls and set up a couple of dates but got nothing but a thinning wallet.

Frustration started to set in when I came across I logged in checked it out and was shocked by what was in it. I found exactly what I was looking for, girls that wanted exactly what I wanted and they actually lived within a reasonable distance from me. I found girls like Laura whose profile was exactly what I was looking for in a girl. At first I was kind of skeptical of this site it seemed too good to be true.

It took two weeks of talking to Laura to finally set up a date to meet her. I first thought she might not show up so I set up the date to start at the mall that way if she left me hanging I can at least check out all hotties. Laura did show up and boy was she hotter then her pic. We went to the movies had some dinner and ended up back at her place for some drinks, one drink led to another and that led to me getting the fuck of my life everything I can think of Laura and I did.

I am now a true believer of, the best part of it is that the girls are not all uptight you can talk to or date as many as you want. They even have girls that are into couples. So if you’re tired of all the bullshit that girls put you through and just want a fling, you need to get your pass and check out

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