Stephanie Is In The Mood To Give A Blowjob!

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Jun 242013
Stephanie Is In The Mood To Give A Blowjob! Stephanie Is In The Mood To Give A Blowjob!

While I was in college a met a girl that enjoyed giving me a blowjob at least four or five time a week. I would offer to go down on her, but she always said that was necessary. While she was blowing my cock she would rub her legs together. This was enough to send her over the edge and we often came at the same time as each other. I got to watch hot, sticky, blogs of my spunk plaster her pretty face as she moaned herself through her own orgasm.

I really miss those days. I thought for sure I would never find a girl willing to give me that level of sexual experience ever again. That is until I met Stephanie from This busty blonde babe is always ready to give me exactly what I crave every time I call her. She turned the tables a little bit and made me into the submissive one now. It’s not so bad… asking a hot blonde girl to, "Please suck the cum out of my cock and let me explode in your mouth!" It is particularly nice because of the fact that she gags on my cock and gargles my sperm!

When my friends ask me about phone sex I tell them it is like reading a book instead of watching a movie. Everything is much more invigorating and intense. You feel like you are there with her because, technically, you are!

Ultra Sexy Booty Shower Video From

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Jun 202013

Thick black booty in the shower from

When it comes to porn my tastes are all over the map. One day I might be checking out solo models that are barely legal in nature with small tits and blonde hair. The next day I am all about the big black booty. Actually, I will take any booty for that matter. Just so long as it is overflowing with luscious fatness. I want to have something I can sink my cock deep inside and get a vapor lock with all of that extra flesh pressing up against me.

On those thick black booty days I head on over to The site updates all of the time because the content is all uploading by bros like you and I. Guys with girls that have big ebony booty upload their own homemade porn videos. Sometimes guys upload their booty pics they have accumulated throughout the years.

As I alluded to early, there is plenty of booty from around the world there. They have BBW white girls with a big fat ass and lots of Latina babes from South of the border. Don’t be a troll either. Upload your shit, bitch!