Are You Up For Anything This Hottie Can Dish Out?

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Apr 292014

what would you do if she asked you if you were up for it

Recently there was a Super Bowl commercial that went viral where a guy was given a Bud Light and asked if he was up for anything. He had no idea that anything included playing ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a host of other crazy shit. But what if I told you that could be your life all of the time? Would you be up for it?

Here is the thing. That commercial was cool and all, but it lacked one criteria guys are looking for in a bar filled with hot babes. You want to fuck a bitch. You aren’t interested in playing ping pong with the Governator. You want to stick your meat probe between two halves of a Georgia peach.

It is time for you to do what guys in the know do all over Europe. With you can take control of your love life or let the girls that are horny than most do it for you. So ask yourself. Are you up for it?

Male Genitals Torture Mistress Drops Hot Wax Onto His Cock

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Apr 192014

dripping hot candle wax on a swollon cock

This guy won’t be pissing right for a week. Not only does this mistress of male genitals torture pour hot wax onto his cock, she also tramples his cock and balls with her high heels. I wonder if Obamacare covers this sort of genital destruction?

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Slut Celebrities Screwing It Up For Everybody Else

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Apr 142014

girl in hot pink trying to stand out without getting naked on dating site

Certain celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus are fucking it up for everybody else. They dress so provocatively that they scare hot babes from doing the same. They don’t want to be branded sluts even if they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary.

This girl wanted to go on dates and she got the wrong idea when her friend told her to wear something that will make you stand out. Instead of standing out she just looks kind of dorky. Her friend meant she should wear less clothes so the guys would know she was down to fuck.

Now instead of getting hot dating offers left and right she is getting flames in the forums where she thought she would post her pictures to drive more friends to move in close and watch them like a hawk.

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Sharing An Ass Fucking Video From XNXX With The Wife

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Apr 102014

sharing ass fucking video with wife

My wife had the usual number of reservations about having anal sex. Mostly it was questions she wanted answers to before she would let me fuck her butt. First and foremost was whether or not it would hurt. She had seen some pics ones on Tumblr of girls looking like it hurt. I told her those were just for looks. Guys get off on causing pain. Even if it is simulated. Next she wanted to know about how dirty it was. I assured her there wouldn’t be any shit on my cock when I pulled it out of her. She wanted to believe me, but she still didn’t feel comfortable.

To alleviate her fears I cued up this anal fucking video from xnxx tube for her to watch. She saw that with a lot of oil a cock would slip right into her backside. She also noticed that it didn’t get dirty. She even thought it was cool when the girl went ass to mouth.

Now I have a fiend for anal sex living in my house. She swears her orgasms are way bigger with my cock in her ass as she toys with her clit. The next time you are watching porn invite your wife to join you on!