Party Hearty With DaisyDestin

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Oct 232012



Shit fucking howdy would I ever love to ride this little cow girl until the sun comes up. Her name is DaisyDestin and you can find her at XXX Camz Club.

I have seen my fare share of cuties in my time, but it is rare you find a web cam girl with this much class. Her body is tighter than a snare drum! I’d love to play the bongos on her backside.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is fuck a chick with a friend. You know, plug her holes from both sides. As it would turn out Daisy is into this sort of thing and frequently allows more than one guy into the room so they can tag team her!

So what do ya say, partner? Ready to wrestle some cowgirls?

College Girls On Your Cell Phone

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Oct 232012


Ever wanted to check out hot college girls on your cell phone? Now you can with the advent of mobile porn. Girls like Jessie Rodgers above from Naughty Bookworms can be found for free. No credit cards or pesky registration needed.

I have stumbled upon a huge cache of college mobile porn and being the nice guy that I am, I don’t mind sharing it with you. Just be cool you know? Like, don’t share that link with douche bags. Then again, maybe you should share it with them. They might just learn a thing or two from it.

Porn doesn’t have to be on a 20" screen to be ultra porn. Their videos are made to look just as crisp and clear on your standard 4" cell phone screen. They even have videos for tablets of any size. I would love to jibber-jabber with you some more about this site, but I am going to go watch Jessie suck a cock if you don’t mind.


Cristal Coed String Bikini

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Oct 092012


Okay, I am being serious about this. How does one become a string bikini? Anyone? Does anybody know? Nobody knows how to change into a string bikini? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

That is one motherfucking lucky bikini if you ask me!

This little coed cutie is none other than Cristal Coed. On the first page of her site she has her three main selling points. Cristal won’t bitch or nag at you. She won’t give you the, “We need to talk,” speech. Plus, she is always down to get naked and naughty!

She could also add to that list a line like, “And if I get a headache. I take two Aspirin and fuck!”

Cristal Coed is going to school to get a degree. She could use your help in finishing. With the budget cuts needed to make this country solvent again I am sure you will see a long line of coeds making their way to the Internet in search of tuition money.

Help a girl out and help yourself out by getting some ultra porn in return!