Aug 012009


Incase you never surfed for porn before let me fill you in about the picture above. I found it on a program that will know for its reality porn, the site is called and it is part of Reality Cash.

Reality Cash is one of the biggest porn networks in the world and they have over 30 exclusive sites that they update daily. That means you get a brand new episode of porn every day for a month straight if you become a member.

You probably think that a membership for that much porn must cost upwards of over 100 dollars. Well your wrong the only thing you have to do is get the Adult Reality Pass and your membership will cost you $7.98 a month.

That is right, less then 10 dollars a month gets you access to more porn then your cock will know what to do with. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is check out and sign up for a 2-day trail its only 95 cents.

Its up to you but if you are tired of paying more than 30 dollars a month for porn I suggest you get the Adult Reality Pass.


Chocolate Milk Juggs

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Jul 152009


Those Humongous Black Boobs belong to the voluptuous Panther and found her on  Chocolate Milk Juggs. Panther has one of the nicest set of Big Brown Juggs that I has ever seen and the best part is that they are real.

You will not find any Ebony Hotties with big fake tits on because they don’t believe in having fake bitches with fake tits on their site all of the sluts have a set of Huge Black Natural Breast.

If you think that her tits look huge in that corset she is wearing just wait till she brings them out and oils them. You will see one of the best titty fucking scenes  ever. The way she raps them around a big hard cock will make just blow your load all over your keyboard so make sure you have your tissue available.

So if you are tired of seeing all these fake blondes with their fake tits and want an all natural type of girl then Chocolate Milk Juggs is the site for you. It is the home of The Biggest, Juiciest, Fattest Black Tits on the web what more can you ask for.

I am Eighteen – Ultra Porn – Amai Liu

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Jul 082009


I have to tell ya, here at Ultra Porn we haven’t seen very many barely legal sites that can hold a candle to I Am Eighteen. In the video gallery above Amai Liu gets her extremely tight pussy stretched to the brink by a big hard cock.

I Am Eighteen is 100% barely legal teens no older than eighteen years old and they have the ID’s to prove it. These girls have only one year to make the cut or they will never ever be on this site. This kind of pressure makes things very exciting.

Every week they update with a new eighteen year old girl that wants to make it in porn. You might think that isn’t too hard to do, but these girls have to be really open to new things… if ya know what I mean!


Amai takes cock like a champ no matter what hole it is invading. She also takes a facial like a good little girl should. Extremely messy and with a nice big smile!

Each of the barely legal videos is broken down so you can watch clips or stream the whole thing. You can even download them all and watch them even after you cancel.

Members of I Am Eighteen also get access to their entire network of sites. The sites span a total of 40 different niches and each one updates weekly. This means you have several updates a day in several different niches so you are never bored.

This isn’t your grand-pappies porn!

My Sisters Hot Friend

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Jun 172009

It all started out innocent enough. His sisters hot friend asked if he could help her do her gym workout. Of course she never told him the details. Like it was a private gym or that her workout included cardio of another kind!

My Sisters Hot Friend follows some of the sexiest coed babes as they seduce guys. Each week a new hottie finds a new way to get her friend’s brother in the sack. Sometimes she even scores two brothers at the same time. And, let’s not forget, some brothers bang two hot friends at the same time too.

As a member of My Sisters Hot Friend you also get access to My Friends Hot Mom, Asian 1 on 1, My First Sex Teacher, Housewife 1 on 1 and more!

With Naughty America it only takes one password to access dozens of sites. All with rich, 100% exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. At Naughty America everything is shot in High Definition so your fantasies of banging My Sisters Hot Friend will always be good down to the last drop!

Busty Adventures

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Jun 102009


What do you have to do to get some big soft tits rapped around your cock?

Well you can start off by checking out and paying attention to how this guy runs it. He loves girls with big natural boobs just like us the only difference is he fucks them and puts his Busty Adventures on his site.

In fact he goes on a new Busty Adventure every week so you get a new set big juggs every week to look at. The girls on his site are not the washed up pornstars that you see on other big boob sites.

He gets beautiful big tit girls from the United States, Europe, Canada, and even more places. He travels all over world and he shoots all the movies himself. These girls are real busty amateurs that just love to show off their massive natural breast.

So check out you might learn a thing or two on how to pick up busty babes.

Jun 052009


Ever been to the mall lately? Besides for nursing trade schools and community colleges I don’t think there are any better places to score teenage pussy. Stupid teenage pussy.

Let’s face it. Teen girls want to be accepted. They will do anything to fit in. So when the Mall Teen guys go out and use the lamest sweet talk imaginable and still get laid – you have to laugh. First at the girls for being so naive and then at yourself for not thinking of this shit on your own.

Mall Teen adds a new update each week and gives you access to several other sites. About 20 of the sites are full fledged sites like Exploited Teens. The other 80 are mini sites with plenty of good content between them. Good teenage content.

So take the $1 trial and see if little Asian teen Heather can deep throat that cock or not!

Another Great Interview At Slut Seekers

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Jun 032009


Looks like another Slut Seeker interview is about to be passed.

The slut in the picture Violet is and she was in bad need for a job so when she read the add for an opening at an Italian cosmetic company, she told her self she would do whatever it took to get the job and as you can see she kept her word.

It is fake adds like that one, which gets a couple of regular guys laid by so many hot women. Its no wonder that the guys at have a full schedule of interviews lined up.

You would think that eventually some of these sluts would figure out the fact that when they end up sucking their future bosses cock on the first interview that they would know some thing is up, but I guess that is what makes them sluts.

So check out, just in case your girl has this job interview for a job that sounds too good to be true, because it probably is just another one that was set up by the guys at Slut Seeker.

May 262009


I am 98% sure that right now there is some United States Senator out there looking to get this kind of photography removed from the Internet and made illegal even if for private viewing. He probably represents the not so great state (when it comes to civil rights) of Utah.

Just look at those young tits. I bet she can cum just by having those nips sucked on!

She probably didn’t realize she’d be an Internet phenom when she pranced around the hotel pool wearing next to nothing but here she is in all of her teenage glory.

Never before have so many college girls pics and videos been available on the Internet. You have tons of options for finding them but most of them require tons of time and more work then the whack off session is worth! is a great option if you are tired of searching for good candid pics and amateur sex videos to no avail and would rather have them all delivered to you!

Everyday people like you are taking pics around the world and sending them in. There are over 170,000 such people and over 52,000 threads in the forum. Every single niche is covered!

Take the CandidOgraphy tour and see why the community is growing by the hundreds every day!

Hot Chicks Perfect Tits – Britney Amber

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May 142009

Britney Amber

The way these chicks take cumshots you’d think the site was called Hot Chicks and Cum Soaked Tits. Who knows… maybe I will pitch them the idea. Until then…

Her name is Britney Amber and I have to say, nothing equals I do porn like having two first names. The site is Hot Chicks Perfect Tits and you have to love the simplicity of naming a site after its own motto.

An endless stream of perfect tits grace the update pages of Hot Chicks Perfect Tits. Every week a new girl offers up her juggs for a money shot. After she is bagged and tagged of course!

As with most of the Ultra Porn sites you get more than you bargained for. Not because we did any negotiating on your behalf or anything. Seriously, we are not that smart. No, you get this deal simply because the Reality Pass Plus are a generous bunch.

They run all of the best sites like Big Cock Teen Addiction, Mr Chews Asian Beaver, Please Bang My Wife, Round Mound of Ass and many more. Take the tour, check the join page, thank us later!

Big Cock Teen Addiction

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May 012009


The look on this teens face is priceless. Big Cock Teen Addiction Kendra had seen plenty of dicks before but never this big and meaty.

This cock was going to be one to remember!

It should be hard for her to forget… The cock was long enough to brush her teeth with from inside her tight cunny. Kendra turned into a freaky bitch once she got this tube of meat inside her. She was so turned on she wanted to bounce on the thing like a pogo-stick!

That is the way it goes at Big Cock Teen Addiction. The girls act all shy and surprised at the size of a massive cock and then get ultra horny to the point they can’t get enough of it.

Each week a new teen gets a taste of the big cock. The Big Cock Teen Addiction videos come with high resolution pics too. Each video is uncut and shows all of the hardcore action. You can download the videos to your hard drive and watch them even if you cancel!

Stop procrastination and check out Big Cock Teen Addiction. One of the latest and greatest sites in the Reality Pass Plus network!

Apr 132009

Watch this video!

When was the last time you banged a chick Fresh Out of High School? Probably not often enough. Being married I know it has been, ohh, about 24 years for me. But, no worries. The guys at New Sensations built us a fantasy site where we can still get our grove on. Even if it is an electric grove. finds insanely cute babes that just graduated and are looking for further instruction. These chicks will do just about anything!


Alexa Jordan is making use of her mom and dads furniture in ways they never dreamed of using it themselves. Sure you won’t get to bang Alexa this way in the flesh, but who cares? If you are going to buy DVD’s and porno mags you might as well save a ton of cash.

Listen, the economy sucks and even Obama can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again anytime soon. So while your 401K is in the toilet it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. If only for a moment each day.

New Sensations is the fifth largest porn video producer in the world. If you have ever watched porn DVD’s or old VHS’s or even on late night, cable chances are you have seen their work.

As a member of Fresh Out of High School you get access to the entire New Sensations catalog. What does that mean exactly? Well, 27 sites for starters. Each site’s content is shot 100% exclusive for that site. And you have to admit, Fresh Out of High School ain’t half bad by anyone’s standards.

Being one of the world’s largest porn producers also means New Sensations signs girls that no one else has. No more seeing the same bitch smoking a cock for the hundredth time. At New Sensations there are dozens of contract girls that only shoot with New Sensations. Plus, they also shoot those other girls too! Another win-win!

No more waiting for a site to update weekly or even twice weekly. As a member of Fresh Out of High School you get to enjoy multiple daily updates from all of the sites in the network.

Check out the tour at or take the New Sensations tour and click Our Network link. I am sure you will find the network to your liking.

Nikki’s Playmates

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Apr 072009


She has a nice set of naturally big tits and a globy delicious ass. Oh, and so do her friends!

Get a warm towel and some lube as we crack open Nikki’s Playmates. A site where a girl next door named Nikki can delve into her naughtiest thoughts and portray them for you on film; be it photographic or video. Nikki’s playmates also come around interacting with Nikki and going solo.

There are four updates a week and several live web cam shows. Each of the girls sticks around to do several photos and videos so you can really get to know her.

Nikkis Playmates also host a forum where you can make requests on anything from the outfits to having them act out your favorite fetish. You can even suggest they shoot one of your aspiring model friends (or sisters)!

Mar 262009


We have all had that one girl friend that let you do what ever you wanted to her. Whether it’s taking pictures or her in her sexy lingerie that she only bought because of you or if was taping you yourselves having sex.

Well is about those kind of girls. It is full of real amateur porn submitted by users and members not some producers. They have thousands of high quality pics and videos of hot amateur sluts.

The girls range in age from a barely legal teen who take sexy pics of themselves. They have Milfs that act out their fantasies for the camera and do things that they’ve seen only pornstars do, in the dirty movies their husbands collect.

What ever you are into you can find it on Watch My Girl Friend. The only thing you will not find is some used up plastic pornstar.

Sexy Slow Motion

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Mar 142009


STOP… Looking at the same old shit everyone else is spewing out and start looking at something a hell of a lot better!

What ever happened to hot babes masturbating and in some cases, just looking sexy? Sexy Slow Motion takes things down a notch while everyone else is still banging their heads against a wall trying to be the next big thing.

Each of the Sexy Slow Motion girls have several videos. Slow motion portions are 600 frames per second! Every little detail is captured in these crisp videos. Each episode comes with high res pics to complete the set.


Sexy Slow Motion finds the hidden gems lurking in the neighborhood. You never know which girl next door will pose next.

Take the tour and see why porn getting back to its roots is a good thing!

Mar 052009


Aww shucks!

How fucking precious is that? Daddy’s little girl is all growed up and ready for some action!

That big tits blonde is Bree Olson and what a foxy little fuck box she is!

Bree has all of the looks of a woman accept her face. She is only 21 years old and I am sure she gets carded everywhere she goes… provided she doesn’t flash those big tits of hers to get passed the doorman.

Her body is a juicy 34D-28-34. What do you expect from a girl born in Indiana? She has worked with and posed for just about every pornographic outlet known to man. Playboy, Penthouse, Adam and Eve, Brazzers, Redlight, the list goes…

Being a porn star means Bree Olson is no stranger to sucking cock. Click the pic above and watch as she sucks cock on video! Her members area at is packed with her boy/girl, girl/girl and solo masturbation videos.

I know some of you have a bigger appetite for porn that most. So for you guys I will let you in on a little secret. By joining Bree Olson you also get access to several of her porn star friends. Girls like Aaliyah Love, Sweet Leah Luv and Hanna Hilton are included at no extra charge. This pass is a babe/teen lovers dream!