Sep 222014

Margo Sullivan and Breanna

When the landlord comes knocking looking for his rent only to find his tenants don’t have it he isn’t happy and considers evicting them both. Suddenly the daughter Breanna has a wonderful idea run through her head. She grabs the landlords cock and gives it a squeeze through his pants. having a hot little brunette teen rubbing his manhood causes his cock to grow instantly into a fuck stick.

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The videos on are raunchy. They depict the true face of America’s Midwest culture. People are working two jobs and cannot afford shit. So single mom’s are turning to prostitution to make ends meet. In the process they are also teaching their daughters the carnal arts of a gypsy lifestyle passed down from generation to generation.

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Aug 272014

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Jul 182014

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Jun 222014

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Jun 162014

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Vienna is a place that is unlike any other city. For centuries it has been the commerce capitol of the world. While London or Zurich might come to mind when thinking about business in Europe and banking the truth is they cannot hold a candle to the amount of actual business that gets done in Vienna. All of that work requires some play time to settle one’s mind. The best way to do that is with an Extraklasse escort like Maxima above. She will make sure you maximize your pleasure while staying in her home city.

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Jun 092014


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May 282014

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May 252014

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People can say what they want about Jenny McCarthy and her fight against vaccinations, but there is one thing that won’t change during all of this. We all enjoyed jerking off to her wackiness on MTV!

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May 202014

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Until now I always thought sex dolls were a little creepy. Actually, that is because until the Dahlia Life Sized Ultra Platinum Sex Doll came to the market sex dolls were creepy. Super creepy. Not anymore. This girl is ultra realistic and she can be moved into any position and hold it for you while she grip tight on her 32" hips and pound your cock home.


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May 192014

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Apr 292014

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Recently there was a Super Bowl commercial that went viral where a guy was given a Bud Light and asked if he was up for anything. He had no idea that anything included playing ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a host of other crazy shit. But what if I told you that could be your life all of the time? Would you be up for it?

Here is the thing. That commercial was cool and all, but it lacked one criteria guys are looking for in a bar filled with hot babes. You want to fuck a bitch. You aren’t interested in playing ping pong with the Governator. You want to stick your meat probe between two halves of a Georgia peach.

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Apr 192014

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This guy won’t be pissing right for a week. Not only does this mistress of male genitals torture pour hot wax onto his cock, she also tramples his cock and balls with her high heels. I wonder if Obamacare covers this sort of genital destruction?

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Apr 142014

girl in hot pink trying to stand out without getting naked on dating site

Certain celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus are fucking it up for everybody else. They dress so provocatively that they scare hot babes from doing the same. They don’t want to be branded sluts even if they aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary.

This girl wanted to go on dates and she got the wrong idea when her friend told her to wear something that will make you stand out. Instead of standing out she just looks kind of dorky. Her friend meant she should wear less clothes so the guys would know she was down to fuck.

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Apr 112014

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