How to avoid scammers when buying sex dolls online

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Nov 092022

The sex doll industry this is an industry where online sales account for the majority of sales. With the gradual acceptance of full body size sex dolls, scammers are ready to enter the industry.

So, how do you avoid scammers, especially if you are buying a sex doll online for the first time?

When buying a TPE love doll, you are bound to encounter two main forms of scams.

The first scam is that the pictures don’t match the real sex doll. This is one of the most common scams, in which the seller deceives the buyer with flashy photos, and once payment is made, the sex doll received is vastly different, and the differences can be in appearance, materials used, size, etc. Maybe you order a 148cm sex doll, but received a 140 cm sex doll.

The second scam occurs when a buyer browses dolls, picks a solid sex doll and pays for it, but never receives it.

So how do you identify these doll scam sellers?

Research the sex doll seller

This is the most important part, you should look to determine the legitimacy of the seller, what is the quality of the seller’s product? Has anyone ever purchased a solid sex doll from that store before? Or you can also choose some famous brands of dolls, such as uxdoll, wm doll. They have 200+ different types of sex dolls for choose, include skinny sex doll, smiling sex doll and Latino sex doll.

Research the product

Do a background check on the sex doll you want to buy so that you have a general idea of what is acceptable and what to expect. Also, looking at the products offered by multiple stores will help you understand the quality you can expect as well as the price range. In addition, price comparisons give you an idea of what is a reasonable range. Scammers will usually attract people with lower prices, which is a red flag. Be aware that special sale sex doll from famous sex doll shop only costs as low as $700.

Research payment options

Legitimate sellers will offer guaranteed payment methods

How To Clean A Life Size TPE Sex Doll Without Damaging The Material?

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May 102019

After you decide which doll is the best life size tpe silicone sex doll for you, to buy it is just a simple action, when you really get your sexy love doll, you will start a wonderful new different sexual experience. But an important thing is, if you want to keep a good relationship with your full body size tpe silicone love doll, you need to know some tips about how to clean your perfect curvy sex doll without damaging the doll material.

When you’re sexing with your ultra real sex doll, you usually need to use warm water to wash her body, her vagina or other parts which you have touched. Due to your sweat and body fluids will have some effect on the doll’s material, so to clean regular is necessary. For normal tpe sex doll, after clean by warm water, you usually need to put some baby powder on her skin to keep smooth and soft, but for the most advanced premium tpe love dolls that from, because the special premium tpe material, their skin doesn’t produce oil, so don’t need to use the baby powder or other similar powder.

For the doll who with a fixed vagina, there also a tool for cleaning the vagina, it’s convenient for cleaning, but you do need to put some dry things such as absorbent paper to keep the vagina dry. The replaceable vagina is more convenient than a fixed one because it can be pulled out for cleaning and drying if it was to become damaged it can be replaced by a new one.

When you clean the face of your life-like love doll, please bear in mind that you can’t use water to clean directly, you should use a wet paper or towel to clean gentle.