Daddy’s Worst Nightmare Kim

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Feb 262007
Daddy's Worst Nightmare

This is why brothas like to fuck white bitches right here. I know that not all white bitches are freaks like Kim but boy does she go all out.

Well Boz has come to find out that they are all freaks the only difference is what they want him to do to them.The ones like Kim that are the freaks in the bedroom are the quiet sweet ones, almost like they are daddy’s little girl and dont want to disapoint daddy by doing sites like Daddy’ .

No white bitch can resist the Boz’s huge black cock, its almost like they are in a trans, when he whips it out. Boz has been doing bitches on Daddy’s Worst Nightmare for such a long time that its become almost second nature for him to find your daughter and turn her into a Daddy’ whore like he did to Kim.

You might want to check it just to make sure Boz has not put your daoughter on Daddy’s Worst Nightmare.

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Big Ass Adventure Victoria

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Feb 252007
Big Ass Adventure

Is it me or does it look like Victoria‘s ass does not belong on that small tight body. The ass looks like it should go on a thick whore not on a petite whore like Victoria Rose.

It is girls like Victoria that keep me coming back to These guys go beyond the call of duty to find girls like Victoria. I am usually a titty man but when I see a hot little whore like Victoria on all fours and her amazing ass sticking out like that, it just makes me forget that her tits are average.

If it means having average tits in my mouth to have a big juicy ass bouncing on my cock, so be it. You will only find girls like Victoria on because they dont put any fat piece of ass on there site, they only put top notch bitches for you to enjoy.

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Coeds Love Big Dicks Candace Von

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Feb 242007
Coeds Love Big Dicks

So I guess its true Coeds Love Big Dicks also. Just check out Candace Von she is 21 yrs old. Candace Von is a very sexy half black and half Dominican.

Candace is a part time college student and a part time porn star. Ya that is right you read it correctly a part time porn star, how do you think Candace made to money to even go to school.

We all know affirmative action stopped awhile back and her family was to poor to send Candace to school, so lucky for Candace she was born with a nice rack and a love for huge cock. Infact Candace gets the shit fucked out of her by one of the many huge dicks at This guy just went to town on Candace‘s pussy and even made the bitch swallow a nice big load. has tons of exclusive XXX content and the crazy part is that they also have there shit available in espanol. That’s fucking crazy they have porn in spanish, if anything I would sign up to just to see some guy tell Candace to shut the fuck up and suck his dick in spanish.

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Cheerleader Auditions

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Feb 232007
Cheerleader Auditions

All right its September and that only means one thing if you are a man. Its time for some football, thats right so many people wait for just this time of year, its the time where all the guys start there fantasy football and it means that sundays are for football not church.

We do watch football but most of the time its to see those hot ass cheerleaders on the side lines in short skirts and small tops. They also have to try out for that team but they call it cheerleader audtions. Well I found this site that gives you access to some cheerleader auditions and not just any auditions these are some triple x rated shit, dont believe me just take a look at Courtney.

Courtney wanted to be head cheerleader so bad that she gave some good head to the coach at She took his spirt stick and road it like the true whore she was. It is some good shit if you like to see hot teens in cheerleader uniforms getting fucked. This almost reminds me of that movie Bring It On, its all about freaky teens doing that cheerleader shit, check it out at So if you like Bring It On then you will like

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2 Big To Be True Felony

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Feb 122007
2 Big To Be True Felony

It looks like its time for another post of If you are a fan of interracial porn then you know that this is one of the best interracial sites on the net and for all of you that are new just let me fill you in on what 2 Big To Be True is all about.

The site is all about a group of guys with these huge black cocks that go out to places like the mall, the beach, local clubs and bars to find them selves some poor innocent girl that has never had the pleasure of feeling a big black cock deep in her pussy and show her what she is missing out on.

Well let me tell you they find so many different girls out there it’s just redunkulous. They find girls like Felony, she was deprived of a big black dick all of her life, till she met the man himself Shane Diesel and his partner in crime Boz.

They take her back to their place and introducer her to their big black one eyed snakes. These guys fuck her so hard that she almost breaks in half. That is what happens when they shove their big meaty poles in her nice and tight pussy.

So now that you know what 2 Big To Be True is all about the only thing left for you to do is check it out now because Two in the hand is worth one in the bush.

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1000 Orgasms Jasmine

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Jan 172007

Okay guys here is a new site to 976 and its called 1000 Orgasms, don’t let the name fool you it’s not what you think.

This is a site with a mission to give 1000 amateur girls electricity induced orgasms with a machine called the sybian. They give you a new girl every week but there is a twist and it is that any member of the site will get a chance to run the sybian.

So if you want to be one of the lucky people to do what the girl is doing all you need to do is sign up with and send them an e-mail saying you would like to work the sybian. Not only that but you will also get access to 16 other sites just for being a member. What more could you ask for

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GangBang Divas Vanilla

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Jan 162007

What do you get when you add 3 Guys and 1 Diva? You get the best XXX site out there and its called

They give you the hottest gang bang sluts out there taking on 3 or sometimes even 4 cocks at once. With these bitches its not how long they can fuck for, its how many can she take. Just take a look at Vanilla and check out how she takes on the cocks. They do some crazy positions, so they can take on as many cocks as possible.

Don’t believe me yet, check out some of their free samples of the hottest scenes at GangBang Divas. Enjoy it because you will not see it anywhere else because all of their content is 100% exclusive and they update their site on a daily basis.

So if you enjoy hot bitches taking on as many cocks as she has holes then you will enjoy

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Raven Riley Lesbian Beach

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Dec 212006
Raven Riley at the Beach

OK, so south on I-95, exit Hollywood Blvd and head East to South Ocean Drive and then what?

Don’t mind me… I am just trying to get some directions to the beach. What beach? You know, the fucking beach where a guy can go for this kind of excitement!

Another question: What do you get when you mix Raven Riley with two hot blonde girlfriends in a body of water? Answer: A rock hard cock, that’s what!

I have been talking about Raven Riley a lot in the history of my blog and I think it is time to talk about her once again. Raven is the Internets hottest exotic babe in my opinion and the stats for her site show that I am not the only one who feels this way about her. Her Alexa ranking is flying off the charts. updates 3 to 4 times a week and her success is closely tied to that update schedule and her beauty. Plus Raven has publicly stated that she aspires to be the top Internet model; period! With a statement like that she doesn’t have time to suck, unless she is sucking on cock during a shoot.

Because of her constant updates Raven can hit every niche. On Monday she can be a softcore babe posing in camel toe panties with upskirts and nipple slips. Tuesday she can release a video of her sucking a mean cock and taking it analy, finishing it off with ass-to-mouth. Then on Friday she can switch it up and suck a lesbian girlfriends tight pussy and flick her tongue on her bald, perieced clit while initiating her into the four finger club.

How is that for dedication without alienated a single fan? Hoo-Rah!

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The Texas Twins

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Dec 212006
Texas Twins Carwash

There has never been a better time to be a man (or a bisexual woman) than right fucking now!

The Milton Twins were great and the Simpson Twins weren’t bad either but the Texas Twins have all of the qualities that make "the third time is a charm," ring true!

One look at the picture above and it is obvious that this website was set up to exploit all of the things a warm blooded man would fall for. Not just one but two hot blonds… Not just any hot blondes, but twins!

Now mix that in whit a lot of kissing and fondeling and clit licking and you have a real Texas rodeo.

OK, now wait… The twins don’t kiss each other… That’d be incest and that is illegal. These girls don’t touch each other, but they do masturbate infront of each other and that is one hell of a sight to see!

At you get these two tiny tits youngins and all of their friends. It’s a bit like having your cake, and eating it too. You get both WMV and MPEG format videos. You also get high definition pictures to accompany those videos.

Go ahead, make the Texas Twins your own personal christmas gift. Twin lesbians tag teaming their friends shaved boxes is something only a few lucky guys get to experience in their lifetime! Why not be one of the few that do?

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In the Fucking VIP, Baby!

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Dec 122006
In The VIP

Ever been at a night club and seen lady after lady walk right past you and straight into the VIP room, and wonder what the fuck goes on in there and how you can get in it?

Well let me tell you there is a site out there called that is dedicated to showing you what really goes on in the VIP room. They get into the hottest night clubs across the country, some how get into their VIP room and a couple of drinks later the party goes just crazy. Just look at the picture, do you think those bitches would do that on the dance floor?. Hell no.

That kind of shit only happens in the VIP room and the guys at bring you tons of parties like this. When you go the club with your boys all you want to do is get drunk and find a hot little whore that you can end up fucking right? If you ever got in the VIP room, you would see that it’s not a matter of finding that one whore that is so drunk you can hit it, it’s now which one and where in that room can you do her.

So if your like one of those guys in the pic looking up into the VIP room, you need to stop looking and get, that way your not looking up at that shit now you’re in it looking at all the drunk bitches.

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My Asian Massage Nautica

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Dec 112006

I can’t even count the number of times I have been getting a rub down by some hot little Asian Masseuse and wondered if she was the kind that would give me a little sucky sucky if I would slip her some extra cash.

Well I have found a site that gives you that ultimate Asian fantasy on film. They travel all across Asia finding masseuse experts to see how far they are willing to go for some cash. What they find is priceless, they meet chicks like Nautica in th pic that have just started being a masseuse and was down in her luck till she met these guys, a big tip later and she was doing the dirty deeds.

Every thing on My Asian Massage is 100% exclusive, it is seriously one of a kind site. They give you hours of real Asian masseuse doing the dirtiest most degrading things just for you for the price of a fucking beer at your local bar, and it’s great. All of their pictures are of high resolution so you can see their tight little pussy crystal clear.

They also update on a weekly basis with all new chicks, they even get some of these bitches to do 100% all out hardcore anal scenes, I mean sure you still get the blow job but the anal is a little bonus. The best bonus of all is when you will get access to 14 additional sites filled with more great content just for signing up with My Asian Massage.

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French Fuck Faces Mariah

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Nov 232006

French fuck faces is all about this group of guys in Paris picking up French bitches and fucking them for the whole world to see. Not only do they fuck the shit out of them they also cover their pretty little French faces with the good old American man juice.

You won’t find to many episodes on, in fact they only have about 30 or so available but each one comes with its own set of pictures and a downloadable video. The movies come in both real player and windows media format and are of average quality. On the main tour page you will notice that they don’t give you a description of the episode, all of that information is given to you when you join. So if you want to see some free previews you will have to watch them with some music as the background.

The amount of content that they give you is at least a few hours of fun, and if you just cant get enough and want more just check out one of the 17 other sites they give you for free when you join They do have a great DVD selection and the quality is great the only problem is that it does not focus just on French fuck faces, it has a variety of episodes.

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Blow Job Auditions Kimberly

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Nov 222006

Blow job auditions is all about real girls not models giving real blow jobs for the first time in front of a camera. They have everything from teen sluts to sexy mature’s just sucking on the biggest cocks they have ever seen all for your enjoyment.

At you will find that they have more than 150 episodes with both video and picture content for every single one of them. The videos are ready for downloading to your computer as soon as you join. Each episode also comes with a quick description of where the girl came from and who she is.

They also have a huge XXX DVD selection, live shows and video theaters with plenty of bonus content for you to download at your own convenience. When you join you will also get instant access to 17 other sites for free. So if you enjoy watching a hot slut stuffing a huge cock down her throat and then watching it explode all over her pretty little face then blow job auditions is for you.

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Nov 152006

Baby got boobs is the only site on the net that is dedicated to bringing you only the hottest busty teens. Lanny Barbie is a up and coming porn star in training and made her debut on It was only fitting since she has those all natural soft tits, they have to be one if not the best looking all natural tits I have ever seen.

They bring you the freshest teens with the biggest tits around, you won’t find any of their content anywhere else its 100% exclusive. They currently have 634 scenes and at they update their site every single day with new scenes. They give you so much content that you could spend a full week on the computer and still never see it all, that’s how much content they have.

So join now and get access to the webs biggest and best collection of hot young teens with huge round titties. It is 100% secure, safe and private to join and when your done signing up then you get access to 9 other sites with just as much content as baby got boobs does.

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Border Bangers

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Nov 042006

Seeing how the government still needs help with the whole immigration issue I think they need to hire these guys. Border Bangers pose as immigration officials and get illegal Latina sluts to suck and fuck on camera for fear of being deported.

Border bangers is the original Latina hard core site and all their content is totally exclusive illegal Latinas getting banged or deported and sometimes they do both. If you’re into the whole Latin honey thing then there is no doubt that is for you.

They have more than 30 hot little Latin sluts on their site just waiting for you to see how they got worked by the border agent. With all the Latina’s that come across the border on a daily basis or are already here will never run out of girls to shoot, in fact they update the site every week with a new girl. If you want to see a certain illegal get fucked then let them know and they will find them and make sure that they suck and fuck or get deported and login and watch.

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