Another Big Ass Adventure


Take a look at what I just found on That’s right it’s another great ass from one of the best big ass sites ever created.

I have come to expect nothing but the best from these guys, since the last time I was there I spent so much time on the site I didn’t get another post done for a month. I am a man after all, you give me unlimited access to hot ass chicks with perfect bodies and the biggest, roundest, juiciest asses my eyes have ever seen and I will forget about everything and everyone until my Big Ass Adventure is done.

It’s not like the girls on the site are your typical washed up pornstars, in fact the entire time I was on the site I didn’t see one of those skanks and that is because these guys pride themselves on finding everyday girls that you see at places like your local beaches, malls, bars, movies or even in parks like the pic above. That is what makes it so great you never know who you might see, it could be that girl that works with you that you always had a suspicion about or maybe even your hot neighbor, you just never know.

Don’t take my word for it get your self a 3-day trail membership for just $4.95 and start your own Big Ass Adventure, just make sure you don’t have anything to do for a couple of days because it will take that long just to get through the first couple of girls.

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Huge Tits At ScoreLand


Well it looks like Jugg Cash’s Big Boob Pass might have a little competition when it comes to Big Boob content and it is called

These guys are claiming to have the biggest archive of big titty movies on the planet, not just the net. At first I was skeptical when I read it so I decided to check it out and they are right on point with it. At Score Land they have more then 500,000 photos that’s right that is half a million worth of huge juggs all at your finger tips.

They also give you access to 300 plus hours of high quality video as soon as you become a member. They have enough high quality, exclusive content that you could spend a week straight on the site and never see the same shit twice unless you want to.

ScoreLand was also made so it is very easy to navigate through the site. When you first open up the site you get 3 very busty girls wishing you a Merry Christmas but that is just a small piece. To the left they give every imaginable option, from instant access to high quality videos to photos, model directory, archives and even their own online magazines.

It is a boob lovers dream come true when you become a member of You would think that with all the tits they are giving you access to it is going to cost you your entire pay check but it’s actually just less then a dollar a day to become a member.

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Oooowee She’s Thick


Oooowee that is a thick ass!!!!

I think I am crushin on London’s huge butt, what ass loving man wouldn’t be? London has an ass that left me speechless and looking for that lotion as soon as I seen it and that is a very hard thing to do since all day long all I do is look for that perfect ass.

I am not saying that she has the perfect ass, since in my eyes that shit is impossible to find but I will not stop till I find it, but she has the kind of ass that when you first see her big hips and thick ass it makes you roll your hand into a fist and bite your knuckle while you think Ooowee I would love to take a bite of that rump.

I don’t think I will ever be able to get enough of London. She has the total package when it comes to being a big booty hoe. She has an enormous ass and a sweet face but don’t let that good girl look fool you because under that is a straight freak that loves when you fuck her so hard and fast that all you want to do is unload the biggest shot of cum that is in you all over her oiled up ass cheeks.

Since one serving is not enough for me I am glad that I found a site that is dedicated to bringing you curvaceous beautys. At you can find London and all of her friends waiting for you to fill your plate with big healthy serving of thick black booty and why not its a lot cheaper then getting some fast food and it is much more satisfying.

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Even Santa Knows That PornStars Like It Big

Big Tit Patrol

Ho Ho Ho…. Merry Cristmas

We figured that you will probably get a bunch of useless shit for the holidays, so we have taken it upon us to give you something we know you will enjoy for sure. We want to give you Nikki, Lichelle and Brook three of the hottest pornstars on the net. They have quickly moved up to the top of Santas naughty list, you can see up above why.

You can find all three of these hotties on the fastest growing porn site on the net It has become on of our favorite of all time here at Cockasourus. PornStars Like It Big has the hottest chicks on the net getting down with the biggest cocks around.

This site is all about size, we have all heard the cliche " Size doesn’t Matter, It’s what you do with, that matters" well the guy who says that isn’t on PornStars Like It Big fucking these hot sluts instead he is jacking off to them. Well that shit is cool with me, I don’t mind I like the fact that when I am done I just switch over to the next bitch. In my mind I have fucked Cody Lane and Amy Reid so many times it’s not even funny and I don’t have to hear her talk about what she did today. So enjoy Porn Stars Like It Big.

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Crush Empire

Barely Legal

One day I woke up. I went to the computer and I typed in an address I had typed in on many other occasions. On this fateful day I was stunned to receive an error instead of the web site I had previously enjoyed. My favorite web site had closed. I was so bummed.

That web sites name was Crush Photo. It was a web site not like any other site on the internet. These people really knew how to tease a guy. First they started with hot models. Then they backed that up with hot clothing to put the models in. And finally they backed that up with style. Throw in some awesome photography and you have a web site no one else can match.

But… Like I said, that web site died one fateful day. Until now! is open for business and waiting for you. All of your favorite models and some soon to be favorites in one place. If you have never experienced Crush Photo you need to check out Crush Empire. Lofty words like amazing can’t even come close to doing this web site justice.

Originally started as a non-nude concept it morphed into a semi-nude and eventually completely nude masterpiece. This was the first website to dare to show pictures of girls with shaved vaginas. No shit. Think back four to five years ago. Sure some girls had landing strips but no one shaved their entire pussy out of fear. Fear? Yes…. FEAR…

Back then Internet porn was just catching on. Big brother was watching like a hawk and using obsenity laws like a golfer uses golf clubs. Everyone was affraid of the barely legal niche. But not Crush Photo. They pioneered the bare pussy look. They weren’t affraid. They had all of the proper documentation in place and said, "Bring it on!"

Crush Photo lacked one thing though… A marketing brain. They still are not up to speed with Crush Empire, but one thing is for sure, they are here to stay. Though they lack galleries for me to show you, they have a pretty good tour. You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures. The photos at are shot in high resolution to the max. I am talking even a 30 inch monitor would have a hard time showing them full screen. They come in different formats so people with 17" to 20" monitors will have an easy time viewing them. And if you want to zoom in… boy oh boy can you ever zoooom in!

Updates come every other day and at $19.95 this site is going to be a keeper. I am sure you will find plenty of barely legal models to enjoy and each model has many photo sets to explore her with.

Editors Note: Crush Empire is once again Crush Photo!

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Crush Empire

Every Mans Fantasy at Limo Patrol

Limo Patrol

Two hot chicks making out with their tits hanging out, to you and me this is a fantasy but the guys at LimoPatrol it’s just another beautiful day. You would think that to get two chicks like the ones in the pic these guys would have to be either really good looking or really really rich and both of those are wrong.

Their secret to getting laid by some of the hottest girls around is that they borrow their buddies limo and cruise the streets looking for sluts in need of a ride. The guys give them a ride in exchange for some action, what a brilliant idea.

They would do this only on the weekends but the amount of pussy they were getting was out of control so they thought why not do it regularly and record the Limo Patrols and that is how they made their site. They take the limo out every week to a new street and find some dumb slut to fuck and give you access to all the action.

With 100% exclusive content and in the highest quality available its no wonder why is quickly becoming one of the premier reality sites available on the net and the price doesn’t hurt it either. So for just 1 dollar a day you can become a member and get access to tons of movies, pics and other exclusive porn sites.

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Horny Black Mother And Her Super Thick Ass

Horny Black Mothers

With an ass like that you would think that Shante would be in a site like Brick House Butts, but she is not and that is because she has kids so that makes her a Milf.

Being a Milf is one thing but being a Hot Ebony Milf is an entirely different thing and that is why someone has finally created a site dedicated to sexy black matures like Shante. The site is appropriately called, it is all about super horny chocolate milfs that love sucking on young hard cock and the things they are willing to do to get their hands on them.

With 100% exclusive, hardcore black milf action Horny Black Mothers is quickly become one of the premier Milf sites available on the net. All of the content is in full length, DVD quality and in high resolution videos. With all that said the only thing left for you to do is check some of these horny experienced mothers who love it any way you want to give it to them.

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Mommy Got Boobs Milan

Mommy Got Boobs

I think it is time we introduced you to Big Naturals Samanthas mom, her name is Milan and it’s great to see that her bustyness was passed on to her daughter. Milan is a little to mature to be on Big Naturals but that’s why you can find her on the first and only site dedicated to busty milfs on the net.

Take a look at those big tits and tell me that if she asked you to take a taste you would turn her down? That’s what I thought. At Mommy Got Boobs you can find tons of real moms with massive flesh mountains just waiting to quench their thirst for a big hard young cock, the kind they use to get when they were younger.

Lucky for them I like a Busty Mature that appreciates getting fucked whenever I want to fuck her not like the young sluts who just roll their eyes and say "I am not some piece of meat.” That’s why I am a faithful member of Mommy Got Boobs.

They have so many big boob milfs that they went ahead and put them in alphabetical order so when I log on I can just look them up by name, so I don’t have to waste my jacking off time looking for her and they even went ahead and listed the most popular milfs and their scenes, what more can you ask for.

With the best quality videos available on the net, exclusive content and a dirt-cheap price of 80 cents a day, why would you not become a member of

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Big Naturals – Samantha

Busting the Bra

Jesus those are some big fucking boobs!

Everyone welcome Samantha back from a loooong hiatus. Samantha used to be a regular at Big Naturals but she took some time off to grow her tits even bigger. Lets all give her a big round of applause.

I have to say, if Samantha was my girlfriends mom she’d better watch out. Especially around Mother’s Day because if she wanted a cock for a present I would have a hard time not giving it to her. I guess you could say that it would be unfair for her to have a daughter because the competition would be deadly!

Dick Caught in the Titty Jar

Samantha’s big tits have "Wonder of the World" status. Imagine cutting them out of that fishnet bra like a bag of beans. Scary to even think about it!

But Samantha isn’t the only big tits babe at The entire web site is full of the hottest and the biggest tits known to man. Each week they add another model or bring an oldie but goodie like Samantha back for more titty fucking abuse.

Members to Big Naturals also get access to their entire network of web sites. There are more big tits specific web sites like Big Tits Boss and Extreme Naturals. Plus they have other niches that might interest you too like 40 Inch Plus, Extreme Asses, 8th Street Latinas, MILF Hunter and more!

With over 20 web sites under their belt the Reality Kings have over 20 updates a week! Add that to the fact that most of the web sites have been open since 2001 and you have a large cache of porn waiting for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get the $4.95 trial pass and see what you have been missing.

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Big Naturals

Gota Love Big Wet Butts

Big Wet Butts

Nothing makes my day like seeing some Big Wet Butts. The lovely asses in the picture belong to the very Sexy Stacy and her best friend Jena and you can find those amazing asses on doing some hardcore anal action.

If you enjoy watching the largest asses and the hottest pornstars from around the globe getting their asses oiled and then fucked in a big way, then Big Wet Butts was made for you. All of the content on the site is 100% exclusive and in the highest quality possible in both pictures and videos.

I guarantee that once you check out one of the free clips at you will have no problem forking over the 3 bucks it will cost you to gain access to its members area and the 1,336 scenes on it. I am telling it’s the best 3 dollars I have ever spent in my life, shit it’s cheaper then buying a gallon of gas and it will last a lot longer.

So if you are ready for the hottest, biggest, thickest and juiciest asses walking this earth then become a member of Big Wet Butts, before all the baby oil drys up.

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Bustzy Anya


If any site was ever appropriately named for its content, it would have to be Bustyz. Just take a look at Anya and her big soft melons, she could barley keep those bad boys in her bra and that is what everyone their girls has going on.

At they have the biggest tits in the world doing some of the nastiest things in the world. The girls they have on their site are the hottest full chested girls you will ever see on a site and all of their content is exclusive so you will not see any of these huge juggs bouncing on any other site.

It’s almost like they hand picked all of their beautiful big chested girls with us in mind and only the hottest babes with the biggest bustiest chest made it to their member’s area for our enjoyment. I am telling you it’s like they got into my dreams and brought out every girl I have ever fantasized about fucking and put her in Bustyz, it was like Déjà vu when I visited the site.

So as soon as you are done reading this and are ready to see some huge sloppy boobs bouncing all over the place then you need to check out Bustyz. They also have a simple members form to fill out and for just 3 dollars you can get access the most elite big breast site online, so join now.

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Bustzy Anya

Monters of Cock Brooke Scott

I think Brooke Scott makes a great addition to not only is she young and beautiful but she also has a huge appetite for some Monster Sized Cocks.

Normally on Monsters of Cock you find one hot chick taking on one of the biggest dick in the world but in Brookes case she has such an insatiable hunger for giant cocks that she took on two of them at once. With cocks as big as 14 inches long I would hate to be the next guy to fuck her since her pussy is probably never going to be the same after that little scene.

At you get nothing but real big dicks, no fake plastic cocks in this site, just hot girls getting fucked by real giant cocks. I guess girls fascination with huge cocks is not just a fad seeing how the amount of content these guys have is crazy. With over 100 hot girls on the first page of their member section alone it is like a pussy buffet, you can fill your plate up as many of them as you want and with as many different ones that you can think of.

They have Hispanic girls, Asian girls, Ebony hotties or just classic beauties like Brooke Scott. In fact the price of this pussy buffet is a hole lot cheaper then the price of a real one. A 2-day trail only cost 3 dollars or you can do the month long membership and pay far less then you would if you actually ate at a buffet style restaurant. So fill your apatite for pussy without even leaving home and join Monsters of Cock.

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Girlfriend Handjobs – Amazing!

Big Tits Teen
Girlfriend Handjobs

There are many legitimate reasons for a handjob. Maybe your girlfriend is on her period? Maybe your wife is in the late stages of pregnancy. Or maybe your girlfriend actually gets jealous when you masturbate so she insists on giving you a handjob every time you see each other. Little does she know you still go home and masturbate

Those are all great reasons but one of the best reasons for a girlfriend to give you a handjob is so she can tease the cum out of you.

I had a wonderful girlfriend that used to love to do this sort of thing all the time. It all started when she caught me in her panty drawer. Not to many good excuses for being in your girlfriends panty drawer. Well, besides for being a major pervert that is…

So her head went spinning with all sorts of things. In the beginning she was a bit horrified. But when I explained I was masturbating about her wearing them and not me she calmed down. She happened to be wearing a skirt and suddenly she got an idea and smiled.

Big Tits Teen
Girlfriend Handjobs

She made me strip naked and took me over to her bed, leading me with my cock. She then ordered me to sit with my legs open and she maneuvered herself so that she could do the same. She was wearing some blue satin panties underneath her pantyhose. My dick went rock hard stiff immediately!

This made her grin some more and she spit on her hand and started working my cock. First, she went fast to get some pre cum out and then she slowed it down. She loosened her grip and ran her fingers over the head rhythmically. I tried to reach towards her crotch but she slapped my hand away.

Lucky for me this girl was well-endowed. By graduation her tits were D’s with an hourglass figure. She pulled up her shirt and unhooked her bra to let those fun bags out. Her hand started pumping harder and faster and less than a minute later warm globs of my cum were shooting all over her tits. She kept pounding my meat and my cum ran down her hand to drip onto her pantyhose. It was an image that would burn itself into my mind forever. is where I go when just thinking about that image isn’t enough… When I want to watch crystal clear video of girls making me feel like my girlfriend made me feel this place is perfect. The Girlfriend Handjobs videos are available in both WMV and MPEG formats. Movies are always downloadable and broken up into small clips and as one large movie.

Are you ready to relive your past?

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Girlfriend Handjobs

Chocolate Milk Juggs Panther

Chocolate Milk Juggs Panther

Well after reading all the comments that were left about one of the newer sites that we did on House of Juggs Called, I have decided that it is time to see if they have added a new set of Jiggling Juggs to their growing content.

Those Humongous Black Boobs belong to the voluptuous Panther and she was the newest addition to Chocolate Milk Juggs. Panther has one of the nicest set of Big Brown Juggs that the Jugg Meister has ever seen and the best part is that they are not fake. You will not find any Ebony Hotties with big fake tits on because they don’t believe in having fake bitches with fake tits on their site all of the ladies have a set of Huge Black Natural Breast.

If you think that her tits look huge in that corset she is wearing just wait till she brings them out and oils them up for one of the best titty fucking scenes I have ever seen. The way she raps them around a big hard cock will make just blow your load all over your keyboard so make sure you have your tissue available.

So if you are tired of seeing all these fake blondes with their fake tits and want an all natural type of girl then Chocolate Milk Juggs is the site for you. It is the home of The Biggest, Juiciest, Fattest Black Tits on the web what more can you ask for.

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Ass Parade Krystal Jordan

Ass Parade Krystal Jordan

Guys grab your tissue and lotion because I have a good one for all of you out there that enjoy a fine piece of ass. This thick rump belongs to Krystal Jordan and she has one of the juiciest butts I have ever seen on a white girl.

We have had some Bootylious girls on Butt Bender but I have to say that the asses that I found on are a notch above the rest. These guys made the site for the same reason that we started ButtBender and that is that we all have this love for Girls With Big Asses.

The guys at Ass Parade are as dedicated as us when they search for Big Bubble Butts with Thick Buns, they do not stop till they find what we call the perfect ass. They have so many girls on their site and the fact that they add a new girl every week, makes it so that if I would write a post every day for the rest year it would still not cover all the asses on that site. With an inventory like that its no wonder they are one of the top Big Booty Sites on the net.

You would think that with every thing they offer you at you would have to take out a small loan to become a member but that could not be further from the truth. They give you a 2-day trail offer that would cost you $1.47 a day or you can do what I did and sign up for the monthly membership that cost me .79 cents a day.

With all that said the only thing left for you to do is check out Ass Parade and enjoy all of the asses it has to offer.

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