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No matter how many Chav Mums that I talk to online I never get tired of it. I just love how carefree and open for sex that they are. I dig that I can just be myself around them and I don’t need to pretend to be “that guy” that always has a joke, drives a nice car, or any of those things.

I don’t even feel the slightest bit guilty about taking full advantage of them. I just dig the fact that if that horny mum wants a cock than there’s going to be nothing to stop her from getting it. Not many things these days are a sure thing but if you know just where to look you can get just about anything that you could ever want. Think about that bit of advice the next time you’re going balls deep in that sexy mums pussy!

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I see a lot of shemale porn. Tons of it. The niche is huge in the industry right now and I don’t see any sign of it slowing down. What I don’t see a lot of is post-op tranny pussy. It seems most keep their penis and get some tits instead of going all the way.

Finding was really intriguing to me. I admit I am curious about their pussies, and this site gets up close so that you can really take in the view. While looking at the mouthwatering models, I can’t help but imagine how it would feel to be inside of one.

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As part of the Canada TGirl Network, joining will give you access to TGirl Post-op, as well as several other trans sites. UK TGirls, Transex Domination, and TGirl 40 are just a few. There are thousands of trans porn videos and hundreds of thousands of pictures in the collection. There are more than 1,000 models to explore, but be aware that only a few are post-op.


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Ultra Films – Ultra Quality

Ultra Films is one of those porn sites that I would tag as female friendly. Why do I say that?

I had this particularly open minded girlfriend a couple of years ago who shared with me about girls watching porn that I didn’t know before but after being told it was so obvious that I think I should have realised it sooner.

If there’s one thing that’s consistent with women is that they appreciate the finer things in life more than men, on average. It’s not by chance that they appreciate romance, foreplay and everything sensual and it turns out that the same goes for porn and that the bulk of porn does not cater for this.

And when she pointed that out I could not help but agree. Porn is predominantly made for men and while I think that’s not deliberate it’s more as a result of it being made by men.

It’s just straight to the point fucking. Women want to see seduction, foreplay, sensual interaction and then the sex. This site offers all of that and the thing about that is, it doesn’t take anything away from what men typically enjoy too, it just better includes the fairer sex.

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A Name You Know

Reality Kings is a well know name in the porn industry. It’s a name that people that only look at porn occasionally have heard before, but it’s also a name that the people that look at porn on a regular basis still trust. Even if you look at porn daily, you know you can always go back to Reality Kings and find something to get you off. When you get bored surfing the other sites you always come back to the reliability RK gives you.

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Every so often you have to ride the so called wave and see what comes of it. You certainly can’t stay in your shell forever, or at least not if you want to be the guy that always gets what he wants.

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Living alone again definitely has its perks. Not only can I watch porn anywhere in the house that I want, but I can stream it to my TV too. I have a big television and seeing pornstars with legs spread and pussies dripping on a screen of that size is awesome.

Now when I am checking out porn memberships, I make sure they are compatible with my Roku. In fact, that was a huge selling point for me when I decided to join VideoBox. They have a massive library and tons of my favorite models have content there. Best of all, the site delivers 5 updates every single day so there is no worry about it not being able to keep up with my porn consumption. There are over 100,000 scenes to choose from! It’s an insane amount of porn even for me.

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I know many of you have been looking for a place where you can get all the action that you want, and you can get it whenever you need. You want to see smoking hot babes fucking in 4K quality, and you also want regular updates that keep your cock coming back for more.

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Pussy in Boots

Chicks in boots drive me absolutely wild.

I don’t know if there is ever a specific reason for why certain things turn certain people on or if it’s just the way we are wired but I have a big weakness for boots and long socks, especially if they are thigh high.

At Reality Kings it seems you can find anything that turns you on in the mainstream arena. Some things a little more kinky too but it’s just that they’re not a kink specialisation network that I didn’t say that. Their scenes are very interesting though, always hip and happening and i think that is one of the big reasons why they are so successful.

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I was having an argument with a buddy of mine the other day. He was trying to make his point known that his favorite pornstar was way hotter than mine. I’d like you guys to settle the difference for us, how can you do that you ask? all you have to do is look at these porn star pictures and let us know who your favorite model is.

You might want to take your time looking through this most impressive list of girls. Mine on the other hand was right at the top where she should be. I don’t care what type of woman is your ultimate girl, if you don’t find India Summer a totally darling you might as well be gay. She is pure beauty and she doesn’t mind if you see her totally naked on camera. I’m sure if she isn’t your first choice girl, you won’t have any issues finding plenty of babes who are!

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Arch Angel Video is a nice place to visit, but it’s an even better place to be a member. They get access to a smoking hot list of full DVD videos as well as a lot of bonus action. They’ve got a great list of girls that do loads of "first time" things for the camera, best of all you get to see it in 1080P HD.

The site is always updating and with brand new scenes added on a weekly basis you’ve always got action to admire. Babes like Ava Adams, Nina Elle, Lola Foxx, Ashley Fires and many more will tempt that lucky cock of yours to come out and play in style.

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The Fundamental Structure of Sex Meet Sites

One of my most favorite classes in college was a philosophy class on structuralism. Usually, when people talk about philosophy, they talk about specific theories; they talk about specific methods and techniques. All of that is well and good, but they are all forms of content. In other words, they are the stuff that form the meat of philosophy.

But you also have to pay attention to the bones of philosophy. In other words, the structure of how you think. And this can lead to you having a clear understanding of why you think the way you do.

When I would talk to my girlfriends in college or my buddies at my frat in the university, I would use this structural analysis in our conversations and it really blew my mind. It never stopped surprising me because I would learn a lot about the values and the character of the person I was talking to by just paying attention to how they structure their ideas.

It’s easy to lie with content. You only need to swap out Marxist content with anarcho-capitalist content and you would come off as somebody who is a firm believer in capitalism and individual freedom, but in reality, you have Marxist tendencies. You could also flip it over. Structuralism never lies.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, if you want to be successful at the typical sex meet site like , stop focusing on the content. Look at how the interaction is structured. If you pay close attention and you’re able to connect the dots, you will make the system work for you instead of against you.