Ultra Films – Ultra Quality

Ultra Films is one of those porn sites that I would tag as female friendly. Why do I say that?

I had this particularly open minded girlfriend a couple of years ago who shared with me about girls watching porn that I didn’t know before but after being told it was so obvious that I think I should have realised it sooner.

If there’s one thing that’s consistent with women is that they appreciate the finer things in life more than men, on average. It’s not by chance that they appreciate romance, foreplay and everything sensual and it turns out that the same goes for porn and that the bulk of porn does not cater for this.

And when she pointed that out I could not help but agree. Porn is predominantly made for men and while I think that’s not deliberate it’s more as a result of it being made by men.

It’s just straight to the point fucking. Women want to see seduction, foreplay, sensual interaction and then the sex. This site offers all of that and the thing about that is, it doesn’t take anything away from what men typically enjoy too, it just better includes the fairer sex.

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Pussy in Boots

Chicks in boots drive me absolutely wild.

I don’t know if there is ever a specific reason for why certain things turn certain people on or if it’s just the way we are wired but I have a big weakness for boots and long socks, especially if they are thigh high.

At Reality Kings it seems you can find anything that turns you on in the mainstream arena. Some things a little more kinky too but it’s just that they’re not a kink specialisation network that I didn’t say that. Their scenes are very interesting though, always hip and happening and i think that is one of the big reasons why they are so successful.

They compliment that to the fullest with models that suit their style and they are of course all top notch and hot as hell. There’s always plenty for the guys and the girls alike.

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Sometimes a Bargain Really Isn’t

It really isn’t possible for a guy to ever be less impressed with tits is it? This chick has an amazing rack on her. The things I would love to do with her.

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The collective work of hundreds of hot models are showcased there and fresh content is added constantly.

That is a bargain.

Now, let’s consider the pic above. Have a look at the tattoo of some furry creature on the male model. I guess it is supposed to be a wolf even though it looks a bit more like a smudged fox.

He would now have learnt too late that he should have gone with the more expensive guy with the more impressive resume.