Pure CFNM – Hot Apple Pie Blowjob

04 01

With the holidays here I thought it’d be extra special to turn a spotlight onto some truly ultra porn. The site is called Pure CFNM and they focus on all of the crazy shit we all did as teenagers and young adults.

Remember fucking a banana peel or a hot apple pie? Well, what if you got caught by your sister and her friends, or your newly wed wife and her bosom buddies?

Pure CFNM explores these getting caught fantasies in highly erotic videos and picture sets!



Fuck me if British black chicks aren’t the hottest fucking women!

These three horny girls take turns cleaning the apple pie off of this lucky blokes cock with their tongues. When they run out of pie he finishes the sweet dish off with some salty cream!

With years of updates in the members area you have hundreds of videos awaiting you. There are plenty of what ifs covered from what if your mom’s hot friend caught you masturbating to what if the female swim team caught you spying on them in the showers!

Let your curiosity run wild at Pure CFNM!

Ultra Porn at Teen Burg


Oh yeah!

Pimping the pillows!

When I was growing up it was all about rug-burns. These days parents are laying out hardwood floors so their kids need to use pillows when they are making that Ultra Porn!

You won’t find a better place for the ultimate in teen sex videos than TeenBurg.com! They have been churning out videos at a maddening pace. Tons of videos featuring young starlettes getting their pussies pile-drived!